Happy Friday - April 22


Happy Friday ImageHappy Friday everyone! I have no idea why, but I woke up so happy that today was Friday. No major reason. Nothing exciting happening. I think it's just one of those weeks when you're super excited it's over. So, let's get to the things that made me happy this week. (Sorry it's a little late, but that house won't clean itself).

happy friday - breakfast sammy

Breakfast sammies

Friday is the day that Mr. T and I always have breakfast sammies. Literally the first thing one of us says in the morning is some sort of celebratory remark about how it's breakfast sammy day (we're weirdos, don't judge). He makes coffee, bacon, and toasts the English muffins while I make the eggs. Then we put them together and sit with our coffees and devour them. Those things are tasty and I also love that our Friday mornings are a bit more relaxed. I push my schedule back a bit and he doesn't have to rush off to the office.

happy friday - work

This view while I work

I maybe worked from the couch twice this week (including this very moment as I type this). We turned on the fireplace a bit to take toast up the room and lil' Brooklyn happily snuggled in my life. It's pretty awesome.

happy friday - my fam

TV time with my fam

I know it sounds so lame, you guys, but one of my favorite ways to end the day is TV time with my family. Mr. T and I settle in to watch whatever show is on that night (or that we have DVRed) and then lil' Brooklyn snuggles in with us. This was Thursday night after my call with my Holl and Lane Tribe.

Not pictured:

4 pans of yummy zucchini and squash chips. I've just started making them and they are so good. I promise to share once I've perfected my method.

How was your week?!?

Before you go:

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