Monday Inspiration: Grab Life

I think (maybe) I am (sorta) starting to get the hang of this freelance life thing. It's hard. I feel so much guilt if I don't work a full day or if I am not chained to my desk all day. It's really weird. I honestly didn't know I would feel like that. I mean, one of the reasons I quit my job was to not be chained to a desk all day. Funny how that happens. Anyway. I am sure I will write a full update once I am ready, but for now I am working on setting goals and working to achieve them. And this week I have started to set a more clear schedule for myself so things don't get out of hand and I make sure I am devoting my time to the things I need to. So this is going to be my mantra for the week. Grab life. It's also my attempt at throwing a little humor on life, this week, and a rainy Monday morning.

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Photo credit: Humor Blog (Flickr)