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Mr. T and I are not really a corny couple. In fact, neither one of us really get into traditional romance. As weird as I know this may sound, it's actually one of the things that made me fall in love with him. But we are always on the lookout for little romantic gestures that we can do to make the other person feel special. Side note: one of our favorite things is leaving stupid messages on this notepad that we have hanging in the shower.

A few weeks ago I was approached by a website called Love Coups which is what you would think it is -- a place where you can make a love coupon book for someone important in your life.

At first I kind of wanted to puke, but after looking through the website and making one for Mr. T I'm actually a fan.

The thing that I like about Love Coups is that they have something for everyone. They have over 200 coupons to choose from in 16 different categories. If you're super cheesy and romantic, there's a big selection for you. If you're less into that like Mr. T and I are then they also have sections for you too.  And they even have some adult coupons if you want to make things spicy.

You can make coupons like: Take a walk, remote control privileges, and sleeping in on the weekend. I found a lot to choose from and didn't feel like a total idiot when I gave it to him. He actually likes it too though he hasn't used one yet.

You can also add a lot of humor to the book which I think adds to the personal touches and makes it less corny. It's just a fun book to give to someone you love (or at least somewhat like).

You're also able to create your own characters which is pretty awesome. I chose one that looked like me and one that looked like Mr. T. Just for fun.

Each book comes with 20 full-color, glossy, perforated pages. The total cost of a book is $24.95 and they can ship books to anywhere in the world.

And, one lucky ready can actually snag a free book of their own. You can create a book for your significant other, friend, roommate, or even your mom for Mother's Day.

The contest starts today, Monday April 21 and will run for a whole week (which means it ends at 11:59 EST on Monday April 28). All the details on how to enter are below. You must fully complete one of the entries below. Any entry made without completing the request will be automatically disqualified.

Good luck!

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