Give a Boring Box a Little Personality

I recently reorganized my craft/writing/office space. For the 994th time. It's genetic. I blame my parents. But I really needed to since I wanted to make sure my workspace was centered totally on writing, crafts, and my stationery store. I found that I needed more storage space. I have a lot of stuff that I bought at the Container Store and I love that place, but it's not really in the budget right now (and I can't really run there every time I need some little container). I remembered that I have all of these plain old white boxes that I may or may not use for shipping. They are pretty big and sturdy and would work perfect for glue, paint, and various other things. The only issue is the fact that they look extremely ugly. I know, I know. It's kind of silly to worry about boxes. But I am a creative person and this is my creative space so I think it's a good idea to surround yourself with things that inspire you. And white boxes really don't do that.

plain white boxes2

I also have this weird thing where I like things to look nice and perfect. Flow is important. Mr. T always laughs at me because I will spend an hour arranging things on the table or shelf or wall until I just feel that it looks right. I have no idea where it comes from.

So, like I said, white boxes weren't doing it for me.

Plain white boxes

I thought about painting them, but I didn't think that would really give me what I wanted. I am also too impatient to let it dry. So then I had a genius idea. I have postal paper. So why not wrap them in it and stamp them to make them all fun? Boom! Done.

So here's how to give a boring box a little personality.

boxes for storage


What you'll need:

  • Box (any box that you want to cover will do)
  • Postal Paper (I chose postal paper because it's good and sturdy. I'm certain you could use other kinds of paper depending on your use)
  • Scissors
  • Tape or glue

What you'll do:

1. Cut the paper to fit the size of the box.

Just like you would if you were wrapping a present. For this, I made sure that I had enough to roll over to cover the inside edges.

2. Wrap the paper around the box.

Again, use a method similar to what you would use when wrapping a present. If you don't want the ends to look folded, you'll have to cut the paper. I didn't want to mess with that and I like the way it looks folded.

3. Tape it down so it's sturdy.

I basically ignored the insides because I was putting paint and other craft supplies in them so I knew no one would see them (read that as it didn't really matter to me). If you're going to use it for other items and will be able to see the bottom, I would recommend putting paper on the bottom as well and you will want to use glue then so the tape doesn't show.

4. Stamp paper.

I used a pencil (the eraser side) and just stamped with basic ink. It's so easy and I am obsessed with polka dots. You could also leave them plain if you want to.

5. Admire your work.

Because it's awesome.

boxes with personality


Why I love this:

  1. It's inexpensive
  2. It's easy. I literally did it in like five minutes.
  3. It requires minimal work space and skills. If you can wrap a box, you can do this. And I did this project on a little patch of floor, in the middle of cleaning/organizing.
  4. It's a fun way to give stuff a little personality.
  5. It's versatile. You can do so many things with this -- stamp it, write on it, stencil it. You can also find a lot of uses for this -- put it on a shelf in your living room, use it in the kitchen or bathroom. Seriously. It's endless.

And now I think I will go postal paper and stamp everything in my apartment with polka dots. Mr. T won't care, right?