Fun DIY Valentine's Day Presents

I feel like Monica on Friends. Make the presents. Make the presents. (People still get that reference, right?) Anyway, homemade presents are my favorite thing. Always have been. Probably always will be. I don't know why. Maybe it's the crafty gal in me or maybe it's just the feeling I get when people open up something unique that was crafted just for them. So, after some fighting discussing about what we wanted to do for Valentine's Day, Mr. T and I have decided we will make presents for each other. I really wish I could share all the details about what I am making for him, but obviously I can't since he reads this blog. It's really awesome though and I promise to share after Valentine's Day. Here are some other really great ideas for DIY Valentine's Day presents.

home is wherever I'm with you

Home is Wherever I'm With You Sign

Ok. I may have stole this idea from Mr. T because he saw it first and he actually made it for me as a wedding present. It is truly one of the most wonderful and special gifts I've ever received. I might have cried a tiny bit or had some dirt in my eye when I opened it. There are lots of variations of it. In fact, if you look on Etsy you can buy a million of them. But it's easy to make (I know this since Mr. T is not the crafty one in the relationship).

All you need is:

  • Frame
  • Map  or some sort of picture of the location of your choice
  • Cardstock
  • Box cutter or some other tool that allows you to cut shapes out of paper
  • Glue

All you do is:

1. Cut a heart out of the card stock, glue paper behind it, and write the words "Home is Wherever I'm With You.

2. Place in frame.

3. Done.


Coffee Filter flowers

Gals adore flowers, right? Well, flowers also die. So, make her some that don't. My sister actually made a bunch of these for my shower and my wedding and they were so beautiful and easy to make. They're also super inexpensive. I found this really great tutorial over here.


Make a Mosaic Book

Disclaimer: I was actually approached by this company and was able to try out their service for free. I made a book of honeymoon pictures and it was seriously one of the easiest books I've ever made. And I promise I am not just saying that. I think it took me about 10 minutes and the hardest part was figuring out what pictures I wanted to use. All you do is download the free app on your phone, select the pictures of your choice, and then click done. They show you a little snap shot of your book that you can virtually flip through. Per the email I received, my book will arrive on February 10 (I made it on February 4) so they have pretty fast turn around time too. Check out this link for more details.


Ok. So we all know I am obsessed with goodies as gifts and so clearly Valentine's Day is no different. I feel like it's one of the easiest holidays to make treats for though. You can make heart shaped cookies or cupcakes with cute little hearts on them. So many possibilities. You can use any of my Christmas goody ideas for inspiration or check out this yummy recipe for chocolate dipped pretzels. (Aheam, shameless plug alert. You can also put your goodies in one of the really fun and cute goody bags that I have in my online shop)


Heart Confetti Coffee Mugs

This is the most adorable thing ever. If your valentine is a coffee or tea drinker this is definitely a good choice. The tutorial looks really fun and easy. In fact, if I wasn't banned from adding anymore coffee mugs to our collection (I just bought four more at Target the other day), I would probably make them for myself. Can someone please make them and report back?

Darby Smart

You knew this was coming, right? Seriously though, Darby Smart has some really cute things for Valentine's Day and just some really great kits. I actually made Mr. T's wedding present with a Darby Smart kit (they were cufflinks and he adored them). The kits are priced really well and come with everything you need to make a really fab DIY project. They even include step by step projects. My recommendations: Homemade Gin Kit, Stamped Silver Keychain, and Metal Stamped Bracelets.

And, of course I have to throw in one more shameless plug. If you're looking for some fun cards or things to wrap your gifts in check out my stationery store. I have lots of cute, fun, and non-mushy cards. As well as bags to put all your fun gifts in.

What are some of your DIY present ideas?