Engagement Pictures with Mr. T (Plus a Few Tips)

First things first, sorry there is no Bar Beat this week.Mr. T is moving in and things are crazy. I’ll talk about all of that more once we get settled and get into the groove of things.

Second, and more importantly, we got our engagement pictures back and I am seriously in love with them. A lot of work went into them – choosing the location, hair, makeup, choosing outfits, and of course our lovely photographer – so it’s really nice to see all that hard work come together in such amazing shots.

If you’re engaged and thinking about getting photos done, do it. It was such a fun experience and I am so glad that we’ll have these for the rest of our lives. A few tips of course:

  1. Get your makeup done by a professional. Seriously. I didn’t think this was important, but it is. I do makeup well and I have decent skin, but the professionals just give you that extra something. The makeup stays on better and you also get to feel pretty and pampered which makes the pictures come out that much better. Danielle Rutherford did my makeup and she’s amazing. I often get afraid that someone will give me a little too much makeup, but she made me look natural and like me. You can check out all her stuff over on her website.
  2. Choose outfits that you’re be comfortable in and that coordinate with each other. Don’t do matchy matchy. I don’t care what couple you are, if you totally match it just looks weird. Mr. T and I chose colors that would complement each other well without matching too much or being too over the top.
  3. Pick a photographer that will get to know you as a couple. We were lucky here – Mr. T’s best pal is a photographer. She was great at capturing who we are as a couple, but also getting in the icky romantic stuff. It also helped the shoot to be calm and relaxed.
  4. Don’t be nervous. This one was hard at first. As is evident by the very first pictures that we took. It’s hard to be romantic on cue. And kiss for 10 minutes and still look like you’re kissing. It’s also hard to do all of this in front of people. But most people aren’t paying attention and if they are they’ll probably cheer or say congrats. Even in New York people are suckers for that “we just got engaged” kind of stuff.
  5. Be yourself. Or, you know, who you are as a couple. While you obviously have to have the good shots for the announcements and such and you need to have the stuff that shows that these are engagement photos you don’t want pictures that look too staged or too far from who you really are. Be silly or serious or whatever you are.
  6. Pick locations that are complementary to who you are and also the time of the season. We chose Brooklyn Bridge Park and Ft. Tyron Park. The locations were different from one another so it allowed us to have a variety of pictures. It also combined various things we love about the city.

And, of course, here are a few of my favorites:

I’d like to give a special thanks to the following people:

  • Sophie Muller, our awesome photographer. Thank you so much for putting up with our awkwardness for a whole day (and also thanks to Marv for carrying everything for us).
  • Danielle Rutherford, makeup. Thank you so much for spending over an hour to make me look pretty. I love my eyes in almost every single picture, mostly due to your makeup tricks.
  • All the people at Brooklyn Bridge Park, the subway, and Ft. Tryon Park. Sorry for making out in front of you. Many times.