Easter Cocktails You Should Probably Make

Photo credit: Steven Depolo (Flickr) It might be really weird, but I haven’t been that good at getting into the whole Easter hoopla (is that a word?).  I mean, I'm all over Thanksgiving and Christmas and so many other holidays, birthdays, March Madness. But Easter is kind of touch and go I guess (seriously I have no idea why).

A couple of years ago, Mr. T and I had a little brunch with a friend and then we colored eggs. It actually ended with me getting a tattoo of purple stars on my right wrist. I’m not quite sure what that has to do with Easter, but it was a lot of fun. We also went to church and had some tasty brunch after. Then last year we did Easter baskets and had a little dinner.

But this year will, be nothing. We'll actually be in Atlantic City. Not because it's Easter, though that's (I'm assuming) why the rates are so cheap (so thanks for that Easter). But, alas, there will be no celebration. Maybe next year or something.

Anyway, if you're having a little Easter celebration you're way better than me and here's a list of Easter cocktails you should probably make.

Side note: why is it so hard to find Easter themed cocktails that are not a jelly beantini of some sort? We can do better than that. Can't we?

The Toasted Peep

Also known as the only time I will ever suggest you drink pucker. That is so 1997 (and I wasn’t even 21 then). Recipe is here.

Frank the Rabbit Cocktail

I feel like this is totally what adults should drink on Easter. No? Recipe is over here.

Carrot Mimosa

Because you have to have mimosas if it’s brunch and I found the carrot twist pretty awesome. I also make a mean carrot juice in the juicer. Recipe here.

Berry Bunny Colada

Ok. This one is maybe up there with the so sweet you might die jelly beantini. But it includes an egg white which makes it adult-like and Easter-like (Easter equals eggs you guys). Recipe here.