I Don't Understand the Debate About Unisex Bathrooms

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski (Flickr) The other day I saw a post. Some Kroger made a unisex bathroom. And, against my better judgement, I read the comments. Most were accepting, but some, of course, were not. I sat there for a moment. Kind of confused because, I'll be totally honest here, I don't understand the debate about unisex bathrooms.

I mean, really, what is the debate about? Can someone explain it to me? What is the argument against having someone of the opposite sex in the bathroom with you?

I know that some of it stems from someone who's transgendered. But, let’s just call a spade a spade here. You're not really worried about having someone of the opposite sex in the same bathroom as you, you're weirded out because it's a transgendered person. And for some people that's something to be weirded out about. For me, I could care less. Be who you are as I always say.

But, for this posts sake, I will entertain the arguments that I've heard (or I guess read about in that damn comments section).

You say you don't feel comfortable with a member of the opposite sex in the bathroom with you.

So, you're a woman and you don't want a man in the bathroom with you (or vice versa). But, if you're in a stall, how do you even know? I have to be honest, half the time I have no clue. There could be a unicorn in the stall next to me and I'd have no idea.

You say you don’t want your kids in the bathroom with a member of the opposite sex.

Awesome, use your kids as the excuse. But, again, I ask how you'd know. I mean, what kind of bathroom are you in where people can see other people's genitalia? Because if you're in a bathroom where people are just running around naked, peeing all over the place you should probably rethink your parenting choices (and, really, your choices in life). Never in my life have I ever seen a person's privates in a public bathroom. If a person is exposing them, we have a whole other set of issues. And I've even spent my fair share of time in men's bathrooms (the line for the ladies is always so damn long!).

You say you don't want to have to explain to your kids why there's a man in the bathroom with her.

Ok, that's really confusing. First, awesome for using the ol' kids as an excuse again. Second, what's there to explain. The dude had to relieve himself and it's a unisex bathroom so he went in. Alarming. Groundbreaking. Weird. Call me crazy, but I'd think it would be weirder to explain why that man in the men's room is dressed as a woman, right?

You say you're afraid of predators.

Right. Because predators follow rules and only go in the bathroom they're supposed to go into. Also, do predators only hang out in bathrooms? Because I totally missed that one.

So, like I said, please explain to me the case against it. Please. I don't get it.

My opinion? Bathrooms should all just be unisex. Take out the urinals. Make everything a stall and we can all do our business. No questions asked. No explanations necessary. It's easier for everyone. Like, you know, dads who have to take their daughters to the bathroom or change a diaper, moms who have to take their sons, and anyone who might identify with a different sex than what they physically are.