If I Could Do My Wedding Over Again: Things I'd Do Differently


I loved my wedding. It was a beautiful day at a beautiful venue. And, as I've said before, I'm so happy we had a wedding. But, now, over a year later there are certain things that I would have done differently at my wedding if I could do my wedding over again. Here's a few.

I wouldn't have had a tent

Honestly, y'all, a tent is a waste of time and money. When I think about the amount of money we spent on just the tent, I feel so silly. And honestly, I never cared about the tent, I just didn't think about not having one.

I would have read the catering contract more carefully

I thought I had. I mean I really did. Until the wedding day when no water goblets showed up. I literally realized this after we made our entrance into the tent and sat down at dinner. Fine time to notice something wrong, right? They were on the original contract, but as you add have so many meetings and conversations so many things get added, changed, and taking off. There are so many versions that it's easy to forget to check everything. And somehow they disappeared from the final version of the contract. Oops. No one else noticed though.

I would have picked a venue with someone on site

Or just had someone be there as things were being delivered and such. The goblets were one issue. We also didn't get enough napkins. One of the linens was the wrong color and one was the wrong size. I feel like this could have been prevented if someone had been there when it was delivered. I mean technically someone was, but they called as they were arriving so my mother-in-law and Mr. T frantically went over there to tell them where to put the tent. I didn't even think to have them check everything.

I would have explained things to our guests more clearly

Mr. T and I were married at this old house that had been turned into a bed & breakfast. The house was so beautiful that we wanted to take advantage of it. We had pictures of us throughout and board games and all kinds of things in the rooms, but I don't think anyone noticed at all since no one really told them to wander around the house a little. I definitely think someone should have told them or maybe I should have made a sign or something somewhere.

I wouldn't have worried so much about everything

I spent hours on so many things. Like the playlist that we totally abandoned.  I don't think I needed to worry about as many things as I did.

I would have thought more about lighting and electricity

I kind of did, but lighting and cords were a much bigger thing than I thought. Luckily we were able to get cords for all of the lights (thanks to our fabulous photographer) and all of the candles I made provided the lighting that I wanted, but still, I could have spent less time on the playlist and a little more on the lights.

I would have booked another night at the venue

When you do everything yourself, there's a lot to do. I mean, a lot. I don't even know how people do the things they are supposed to do on the wedding night. I could barely move to take my dress off. We also had a lot of clean up and set up duty at the venue. Thank the lord for family and friends that helped us because without them we would have never been able to accomplish as much as we did. But I think booking another night would have helped so much. We could have had a night with just the two of us and had a little more time to rest. We could have also taken more advantage of the venue. Man that place was magnificent.

I would have had all of my bridesmaids come the Thursday before

Two of my ladies were there because they were family, but one was coming from Chicago and I told her not to worry because I wouldn’t need her until Friday. I thought I was being nice since she had to take time off of work and travel. But it ended up being not so nice. We ended up going to karaoke the Thursday before so she missed out on that. Then she got caught up in a hellish travel day because that was the day a guy tried to commit suicide in the tower at O'Hare. She ended up having to drive and almost missed the rehearsal and had to hunt her dress down the next morning since her luggage had already been checked (and was on its way to Ohio) before the madness.

What about all you other marrieds out there? Is there anything you would do differently if you could have a wedding do over?