DIY Wall Lamp Makeover

I haven't talked DIY in a while. So how about a little wall lamp makeover. I think I've mentioned before that the previous homeowners left us quite a bit of stuff. Some of the stuff was super cool and some of it we didn't really care about so we donated it to the local thrift shop. And some of it was kind of cool, but just needed a little touch of modern love.

One of those things was this wall lamp.

DIY wall lamp makeover before

I liked the fact that it hung on the wall so it didn't take up table space. And it was in an awesome location near our grey chair. It made this whole kind of reading nook/corner thing. But I hated that it was pretty old fashioned and didn't match our style.

So I had this genius idea to make it over. And, turns out, it was an extremely easy project.

Here's how to makeover an old-fashioned wall lamp.

wall lamp makover DIY

Step 1 - Buy spray paint

I bought a regular old can of spray paint at Lowes. You can use any color. I chose a bronze color because I thought it would fit the style of the room and our style. Ignore the mess around the picture. I was working on 994 other projects at the same time.

Step 2 - Buy a new shade/globe

At first, I was just going to put a fancy lightbulb and call it a day. But while I was in the lighting aisle at Lowes, I discovered a whole collection of pretty little globes. I did have to go home and measure and I bought one during one of my other trips, but I'm super glad I did. It added a lot to the lamp. Turns out the globe didn't match the size perfectly, but that was OK. We'll go over how to deal with that in a later step.

wall lamp makover DIY (2)

Step 3 - Buy fancy bulb

This step is optional. Since the globe was see through and since I am obsessed with these vintage bulbs from Lowes, I bought one of those so it looks all pretty and finished. Obviously if you can't see through your globe or if you're not a weirdo like me you don't need to worry about the bulb.

wall lamp makover DIY (6)

Step 4 - Paint lamp

I took everything off that I could/thought mattered and spray painted the lamp. I didn't have a huge issue with the paint sticking, but you can lightly sand it. The paint did make little spots, but I actually kind of liked it because I feel like it added an old-timey feel. I recommend letting it dry 24 hours before working with the lamp. You can also paint the cord if you want to, though I didn't. And you can spray a sealer, but I didn't.

Step 4 - Add the globe

The globe didn't really fit like I hoped. It sat in its place just fine, but it wouldn't stay. It was an easy fix though. Just a little super glue, and BOOM! it stayed where it needed to. I also let it dry 24 hours.

wall lamp makover DIY (3)

Step 5 - Hang the light and admire your work.

I hung it on the wall and, in my humble opinion, it looks pretty damn awesome. I apologize for the terrible lighting in some of the pictures. It's so hard to get great pics in our living room.

wall lamp makover DIY (4)

wall lamp makover DIY (5)