DIY Table Number Holders Using Photo Blocks

I seriously can't believe I haven't shown any DIY tutorials from the wedding. I DIYed the heck out of my wedding (with the help of some very amazing people in my life). I didn't want to show a ton of stuff before the wedding. It seemed kind of impersonal to me if all of our guests knew exactly what everything would look like before the day of the wedding. I also wanted to see it all together. I kind of thought of stuff as I went so I wasn't exactly sure how all of my visions would come together. I really have no excuse for the past five months. But I am babbling. Let me get to the DIY stuff.

One of the very first things I made was holders for our table numbers (does that sentence make sense?). I have to admit that this was one of the hardest things and I had no idea it would be a challenge. Not actually making them, but trying to find something to hold the table numbers. Seriously. Why was it so hard? I wanted something that fit the feel of our wedding, but that didn't cost a pretty penny but that also didn't look boring or cheap or generic (that's a lot of buts).

While looking through the Darby Smart website, I stumbled on a kit to make photo holders out of plaster. My genius bulb lit up and I thought they would also make awesome table number holders. I purchased the kit immediately and it worked amazingly.

Pro tip: Do not (and I repeat DO NOT) pack these babies together. Or at least don't do it right away or don't do it for so many months. If you do they will stick together and when you pull them apart it will ruin some of them. Then you will end up sobbing all by yourself at the table at your wedding venue the day before your wedding. And you will have to call your fiance and sob into the phone that everything is ruined. Then he will have to go to the craft store with his grooms person and buy some to replace those that are ruined. I mean, I am just guessing that's what will happen.

Here's what you need:

  • Silicone molds (I used the square ones on Darby Smart website, but I am sure other shapes would work too)
  • Casting plaster (again, from Darby Smart) You need to figure out how much you need based on how many tables you have. On box of plaster will make enough to fill at least all of the squares in one mold. I believe it made enough for a couple more as well. Word to the wise though -- figure out what you need and buy extra. Just in case you mess something up.
  • Glitter -- I chose gold, white, and black because I wanted them to all be slightly different and I knew I was painting over them in purple. But you can do any color of glitter.
  • Photo clips
  • Mod Podge (you can use clear or color. I used both -- clear for the first coat and then purple for the last coat. That's why mine look purple-ish. If you use clear/white mod podge then they will be gold or whatever color of glitter that you choose.)
  • Sponge Brush or paint brush (I actually used both)

*you can also buy the kit from Darby Smart

What to do:

1. Make the plaster according to directions on package.

Do not breath the powder stuff in. It's gross.

2. Pour plaster into molds.

I used a spoon to fill the molds. You will want to do this to make sure that the plaster gets all the way into the corners of the mold. Otherwise it will be more blob and less square. You will also want to use a plastic spatula to make sure the top is good and flat.

3. Stick the photo clips into plaster

I held them for a bit to make sure they stood up. It's a good idea to keep an eye on them while they are drying because some of them will start to lean and if they dry that way they will look pretty dumb (trust me). I couldn't figure out a way to keep them upright so if anyone does feel free to share. Pro Tip: Make sure you put the photo clip in immediately. It doesn't work too well after it's dried.

4. Once it's dried (I let them dry overnight), pop them out and admire your work.

You're not done yet though. Almost though, I promise. Maybe grab a beer or cocktail while you work on the rest.

5. Coat the square with a nice layer of mod podge.

I used the clear/white mod podge for this step. I also covered my work area with wax paper so things would stick and paper towel to catch the glitter. I think we still find glitter in our apartment.

6. Sprinkle glitter all over the fresh coat of mod podge.

I sprinkled mine over a container so I wouldn't waste the glitter. Wasting any craft supply is a sin in this house.

7. Let it dry.

I should have let mine dry longer, but I am impatient. If you don't let it dry long enough some of it will start to come off when you put on the next coat of mod podge. It's not a huge deal as you're just coating it some more and it will all dry fine, but it's pretty annoying.

8. Give it another coat of mod podge.

I did this because I wanted it to be nice and glittery and I wanted to make sure everything was evenly coated. After you're done with the coat, if you see any places are missing glitter or need more you can add it and it will stick well to that coat of mod podge.

9. Let it dry.


10. Cover the entire thing with another coat of mod podge.

I used the purple for this step. It looks really light purple when you're first putting it on, but it doesn't dry that way as you can see from the finished product. So don't be worried.

11. Now really admire your work.

And, again, be careful about how you pack those babies.

And obviously if you need more than one batch you will have to continue the process. My advice is to make another batch while you're working on the mod podge and glitter. That way they have time to dry and you don't have to wait for them (or continue this process for 994 days).

I wish I had a good close up of the holders with all of the decor at the actual wedding. The only ones I could find were of the cheap ones that I had to buy because of my little mishap. But just use your imagination.