DIY Polka Dot Paper Drink Stirrers


DIY_Drink StirrersHappy Monday, you guys. It was one very crazy, but very fun weekend for Jess. But I wanted to share with you a fancy little DIY that's in Holl & Lane magazine (written by yours truly). It's DIY polka dot paper drink stirrers. Let me assure you that this is one of the easiest DIYs you'll ever do. And it's really fun. I like to have drink stirrers for parties and cookouts. But I also have some sitting in our little coffee bar area. They serve as cute decor and we also use them sometimes. I also have drink stirrers in our bar area too.

polka dot drink stirrers


So, these babies are easy and have a ton of uses.

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Ok. I will stop talking and let you get the issue so you can make some fun stuff.

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