DIY Map Pencil Holder & Paper Clip Holder

DIYMapPencilPaperclipHolderMr. T has his own office y'all. Like a real office. He picked out the paint color and everything. In all my years of working in the corporate world, I never had my own office. Ever. I guess academia is way cooler. Anyway. Since he has his own office that means he also has a blank canvas to make his own. He wanted a few things to fun it up and make it feel like his. And that's obviously where I come in. One of the first things I decided he should have was a really cool pencil holder. As I was making the pencil holder I also had the genius idea to make a holder for his paper clips as well. Because that's what all Associate Professors need, right? And, since he's a historian he obviously needed said items to be made out of maps.

So here's how to make a DIY map pencil holder and paper clip holder.


What you'll need:

Mod Podge

Map paper (I just used card stock, but you can also use real maps or any kind of paper with maps on it)


Sponge brush

Gold leaf (optional)

Spray gloss sealer

Cup & ceramic dish (You can actually use any ceramic dish or cup. I used a coffee cup that I bought at the thrift store and ceramic dishes from a Darby Smart kit)

Plastic animal (optional)

Super Glue (if using plastic animal

What to do:

1.Cut paper into strips.

2. Get paper wet. You don't want it to be sopping wet so I used a sponge brush to kind of paint the water on the paper. *You only need this step if you're using regular card stock since it's much too thick to work with.

DIYMapPencilHolder (3)

3. Cover cup with a coat of Mod Podge.

DIYMapPencilHolder (3)

4.Apply strips of paper. I started with the strips and placed them in straight lines so I could cover all of the cup and then get creative with the other layers. You can cut the strips as you're going if you need them to fit better. I also wrapped the handle with strips of paper.

5. Cover with another coat of Mod Podge and let dry. You can use your fingers to make it smooth if necessary. You'll want to let it dry because the paper is really fragile since it's wet.

6. Cover with another coat of Mod Podge.

7. Basically repeat step 2. But this time layer the paper however you want it to look. I sort of cut out the coolest looking parts of the paper and made sure to put those where you can see them.

8. Cover with another coat of Mod Podge and let dry 24 hours.



9. I painted the inside, rim, and bottom with gold leaf. This is optional. If you're not using the gold leaf, just spray with sealer and let dry another 24 hours. If you're painting with gold leaf, I used a sponge brush because that's what I found worked the best. You might need to apply a couple of coats. Be sure to let it dry in between. If not it's a mess! I used washi tap around the rim to have a nice clean line. Then I just painted that with the gold leaf as well. Once you're done, let dry for another 24 hours and spray with sealer. When you spray it with the sealer BE CAREFUL. If you get too much or too close then some of the gold leaf will come off. I also found that the sealer made it look more bronze which actually made it even better.


10. The steps are the same for the paper clip holder. However, you'll need to paint the plastic animal with the gold leaf and then glue it on after your final layer of Mod Podge. Let it sit for a bit and then spray with sealer. I originally saw this idea on Darby Smart, but tweaked it a bit.

Why I like this:

It allows you to be messy and incredibly creative -- two things I love. I literally had no idea where I would go with this project until I was making it.