DIY Art: States Pictures

A few weeks ago I was browsing Pinterest when I came across this project. I immediately fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect for our bedroom. I figured I could make one for Michigan to hang over my side and one for Ohio to hang over Mr. T's side of the bed. It's a little corny, but in a really good way. I kind of hate the glitter so I knew pretty fast that I wasn't going to do that. I toyed with the idea of painting them, but I really liked the look of the cutouts inside the frame so I decided I would just get card stock of some sort. I figured I would do purple and blue since those are our favorite colors. It also matches our room now and what we'll hopefully be getting for our wedding. And, I later realized it's our wedding colors so it could give us something to add to our décor if we so choose. Obviously purple and blue is just a win win all around.

Anyway. I thought some of the supplies in the original article seemed a little pricey and pointless. But more than anything, they'd be hard for this Brooklyn gal to get. I have to travel pretty far to get to any sort of craft store. So I generally have to be really crafty (no pun intended I swear) when it comes to this kind of thing.

I decided that I would raid the $1 store before anything else.


I found some folders that were two for $.99. I bought two in purple and two in blue just in case I made some sort of mistake and, well, they are only $1. I also found poster board for $1 (per sheet) and glue for $1.50. I already had scissors and a printer at home so I was set for the supplies to actually make the art.


Then I had to purchase some frames. I decided to go to Target for these. Mr.  T and I had to make our monthly trip there anyway. I really wanted some older/vintagey looking frames, but I know enough about thrift stores to know it would take forever to find what I want. I also really loved the mat look. I ended up finding these gems that kind of had the feel I wanted and were both the same size. They were actually on clearance as well so they only cost me about $40 for both of them.


I found the outline of the states just by Google image searching for Michigan and Ohio. I tried to get two that were almost the same size, but I ended up making Ohio a bit larger by using Paint. It's pretty easy since you just need the outline so it doesn’t matter how blurry the image is. I couldn't find a heart I liked online so I just made one in Paint.

So that completed my supplies; quite cheaply and resourcefully if I do say so myself. Then it was on to just making the project which was actually pretty easy and fun. Here's exactly what I did:


1. Cut the state image out and use it to trace each state on the back side of the folder/paper. I used the backside because then you don't have to worry about seeing the drawing from the pen. However, you have to trace the states backwards so they will be the right way on the other side of the folder/paper. I totally didn't think about this at first and had to trace Michigan again. I actually found it pretty easy to just trace directly from the print out after I cut it out. I just taped it to the folder/paper so it wouldn't move around a lot.


2. Cut out the traced image and glue the heart in the correct location to represent the city where you're from. Unless you make it to scale, it doesn't have to be exact, just the general area.


3. Glue the state on the poster board. I just cut each piece of poster board in half and then used one half for each state. If you use a mat frame like I did you don't have to place the state perfectly because you can play around with it once you put the art with the mat frame.


4. Secure the art to the mat. I just used scotch tape because it doesn't really matter once the frame is all together. You just need something to prevent the art from moving while you're actually putting it in the frame. Unless, of course, you use poster board that is the exact size of the frame.


5. Put the art in the frame and you now have two magnificent pieces of art for a pretty thrifty price.


I chose to hang them in the bedroom (obviously), but I think you could hang them almost anywhere. I also think you could choose to make them any size or even different sizes. I chose to make them this large (11X14 with a mat that made the actual art 8x10) but I mainly chose that size because of where I was hanging them. And, given that I am from Michigan and Mr. T is from Ohio I thought making one larger than the other was a really bad idea.