Darby Smart March Box: Wood Burning Kit

If you're a DIYer or a crafter, I have found something you definitely need to check out – Darby Smart. It's like Birchbox, only for crafts and DIY projects. If you’re not familiar with Birchbox or other things like it, basically you pay a monthly fee and then, each month, they send you a box of goodies.

I live in NYC which means craft stores aren't exactly on every block. I actually don't even know where there is a craft store near me in Brooklyn. I could be missing out, but according to my research there really isn't one unless I want to buy fabric/sewing related items or I'm a teacher.

But I love doing crafty projects and since I've started working on so many lately, I've been reminded how much I really love it.


What I love about Darby Smart is the fact that you get a surprise box each month. It gives me the opportunity to try out things that I would probably breeze past if I was in the craft store. I also like the fact that I don't have to get on the subway and then cart it all back.  And, they also have other supplies and box kits available for purchase on the website (I've bought quite a few things for the wedding and will chat about that later). So, if you don't want to pay the monthly fee or just see something you love you can buy it.

Side note: their customer service people are amazing. Seriously. The most amazing.

Anyway, sorry for the long explanation (this isn't even a sponsored post). I just truly think this is awesome and I'm a little too excited about it. Let's get on to talking about March's box.

Here is what I received:

  • 1 Wood Burner
  • 2 Bamboo cutting boards
  • 1 piece of wood to practice with
  • 1 states stencil
  • 1 alphabet stencil



The wood burner. It came in packaging, but I took it out to give a close up view.


The rest of the contents.

It took a little while to decide what I wanted to make. I even enlisted Mr. T's help. We decided didn't want to use them for cutting boards, but wanted to put them in the kitchen so we thought something food related (or a food related saying would be good). We finally decided on "Eat more bacon" and "Drink more beer", clearly fitting for us both.

Here's how it all went down.


I practiced a little first just to see how it would all go. I wasn't exactly sure what a wood burner was like.


At first I was using the stencil with the wood burner. Not a very bright moment (I was on my first cup of coffee). I do not recommend this as the wood burner will obviously melt the stencil (pretty sure you all will be quicker to figure that out). Instead, use the stencil to trace image onto the piece of wood. I also recommend using a pencil. I used a marker for the first one and pencil worked way better.


I let the wood burner warm a bit and then started to trace the letters. It doesn't take too long for it to warm. Do not touch any of the metal parts as they will be super hot. Just hold it like a pencil. The slower/longer you go, the darker it will be. This is why practicing comes in handy. Mr. T also helped some. We found it was easy to go over the letters one time and then go back over them again to be a little more detailed.

Since we wanted to hang them we just put a hook on the on the top. The hook literally just screws in (I started a small hole by hammering in a nail and then screwing the hook in the hole).


They look awesome hanging in our kitchen and I love that it's more DIY art in our apartment. (Please ignore the empty paper towel holder)