Darby Smart Kit: Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

A couple of weeks ago, in my weekend in photos, I showed you a picture of a really cool candy jar that I made. I've been wanting a little candy jar of some sort for the longest time. I think it's the old lady in me or something, but I love having candy sitting out. It reminds me of my grandma because she almost always had a little dish of candy sitting in the living room. So when I saw the Darby Smart kit to make one I knew I had to have it. I was actually a little confused when I saw the supplies to make it, but then I realized how genius it was. I'm actually a little sad I didn't think of it myself. It was also super easy to make. Here's how I made my Darby Smart Kit Lil' Piggy Candy Jar.

Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

Supplies you'll get:

  • Clay Pot
  • Spray paint in color of your choice
  • Plastic fish bowl
  • Glue
  • Animals
  • Lid

Painting Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

How I did it:

1. I started by spray painting the lid, pot, and lil' piggy. I found this a little harder than I thought. It's mostly just me and the fact that I thought spray paint would be easy and fast so I think I rushed it. Man that stuff is finicky and has a mind of its own! Especially when you're panting the pot. The pig and the lid were much easier.


  • Make sure that you hold the spray paint can about 10 feet or so away from whatever you're painting. If you don't you will never get it even.
  • Open a window or do it outside because the smell will fill the room pretty easily.
  • Make sure to cover anything and everything around where you're painting. I might have a gold table now from spray paint.

2. Let everything dry. Believe me when I tell you this -- let the damn stuff dry. I was so excited to get it together that I definitely didn't give it enough time. So when I went to put the second coat on it ended up making everything a hot mess. The paint came off in places and then was uneven. Seriously, hot mess. I was able to fix it by dabbing it a little with a paper towel and all was right again.


Gluing Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

3. Glue it all together. I glued the two pieces of the lid together. Then glued the pig to the lid and the plastic bowl to the pot. Then I let it dry overnight. Don't worry about how messy this looks, you won't notice it once it's all glued together.

Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

4. Fill with candy and eat a few pieces. I actually waited a couple of days to put candy in it to let it all air out. I'm a weirdo and I was a bit afraid that the fumes would make the candy taste funny. I used jelly beans leftover from our trip upstate and I'm planning on putting M&Ms in it once we finish those (as you can see it won't be long until I need to refill it). I really love it and I think it adds a little fun to our room decor.