Self-Care Is Important Too

Self-Care Is Important Too

I spend countless hours on Pinterest looking for healthy recipes to cook. And so much time in the grocery store finding unprocessed foods. But when it comes to my mental health, I forget. I toss it aside. And, even worse, I often feel guilty if I take the time to concentrate on taking care of myself.

Working for Yourself Isn't Easy

Working for Yourself Isn't Easy

Trust me when I say this, it's not easy. Between wondering if I'm a sell out or a failure or doing enough work or being productive enough, I wonder how in the heck I get any work done at all

A Chaotic & Collected Stationery Anniversary Sale

Happy Anniversary SaleGuess what, you guys?!? It's the shop's anniversary this month. And obviously we need to celebrate with an anniversary sale. First things first. Let me get all teary eyed. One whole year ago, the idea that I had been working on for months officially came to life when I launched Chaotic & Collected Stationery. I still can't believe I did it or that I'm still doing it. It's been one hell of a year. Lots of challenges, frustration, and tears (and I expect lots more of that). But also a ton of fun and excitement (please say there will be more of that). I kind of can't believe how far I've come. I'm so incredibly excited for this year and to see where this lil' creation of mine can continue to go. And I have lots of plans! More craft fairs, new & improved pictures to help you really see and get to know the products. Custom sales. Exciting stuff.

You might also notice a few changes around the blog as well. Like, say, my logo and a new fun lil' signature that I'm going to add to all of my posts. I feel like the blog kind of suffered last year because I was all "HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE" or "SHOP SHOP SHOP". So this year one of my goals is to actually stick to my content calendar and make this blog awesome. I have so many ideas. My brain might explode.

Anyway, the point of the post. I want to celebrate with you! So I'm having a Chaotic & Collected Anniversary sale! All month long you can enjoy free shipping + 15% off anything (and everything) in the store. Just use code anniversary at checkout.

And thank you so much for supporting me. Really. If you've given me moral support, made a purchase, or just liked any of my stuff. It all means the world to me. Without support from all of you I probably would have abandoned this whole thing a long time ago!


Living A Happy Life: I Quit My Job to Save My Sanity

I recently quit my job. A job I had been working at for eight years. A job I was pretty damn good at. And it feels so weird to type that.

Huge Announcement: I've Opened My Own Online Stationery Store

Chaotic & Collected Stationery LogoI kind of can't believe that I am about to say this, but I have officially opened my own online stationery store. Yes, you read that right. It's been several months in the making and I am really nervous and excited about it. I kind of feel like this is my very own sponsored post. After the wedding, I realized how much I really enjoyed crafting and making homemade things (as I am sure you've noticed on this blog as well). It's actually something I've always loved doing. Everyone told me that I should open a store. That I should be selling my stuff. And, well, somewhere I found the guts to actually do it. So I put together my own little online store front called Chaotic & Collected Stationery. I will eventually start selling on Etsy and other websites as well (I promise to keep you posted on all of that).

So what am I selling? Well, it's a stationery store so right now it's mostly cards, goody & favor bags, drink stirrers, and other fun paper goods. New items will be added often as well as new patterns and designs. Everything is specially designed and created by yours truly.

Right now, in honor of the launch and Valentine's Day, I am running a fab sale. You can snag $5 off any purchase of $10 or more & free shipping when you use code VDAY at checkout. So come check out my new store and feel free to share the news with friends, strangers, and everyone!

Seven Things I'm Doing So I Don't Feel Blah Because I Work from Home

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a girly girl. I hate frilly pink things and I can definitely leave my place without makeup. But I do enjoy girly things from time to time. I like makeup and nail polish (my nails are pretty much never naked). I also like to smell good and all that jazz. And when I worked in an office, all of that seemed like a normal habit. It was almost effortless. It was especially easy when I was dating and meeting new guys.