Budget Friendly Cookout Ideas: The Decor

Budget Friendly Cookout Ideas: The Decor

In my humble opinion, the recipe for the perfect cookout is equal parts food/drink, décor, and fun. People come for the food, feel comfortable because of the décor and atmosphere and stay for the fun. So I'm giving you some ideas for all three!

Invitations from The American Wedding

The American wedding Apparently this week is starting out as wedding week on the blog. I have no idea why. But let's talk about invitations for a moment. Specifically, invitations from the American Wedding.

If you've planned a wedding or are in the process, you probably share the love hate relationship that I have with invitations. I love looking for invitations because it was so much fun looking at all of the pretty things. But I hated it because there's just too much out there. Too many fonts. Too many styles. Too many things. All of the things. I swear I almost thought Mr. T and I were going to break up over invitations.

And I firmly believe that one of the main reasons I had such a hard time is because invitations just seemed a little too formal or traditional bride or something to me.I almost wanted to just make a Facebook invite and call it a day. I would like pieces of one invitation and pieces of another. The invitations just seemed to be too fancy and traditional or too out there (or just cheap looking). I'm totally happy with what we ultimately chose, but like I said - it was overwhelming.

Anyway, I was approached by a little place called The American Wedding on Twitter and I am pretty impressed with what they have going on over there. I'm a little sad I didn't find them when I was actually getting married (maybe I should add that to the do over list).

A few of the samples that I fell in love with

They sent me some samples and in the samples alone I found eight invitations that I would have loved to have if I was planning my wedding. And that's just in the samples. There's plenty more on the website. There are so many fun designs, colors, and fonts. And I found they have a pretty good variety. If you're an off beat bride or more traditional, you'll likely find something.

And, if you're not looking for invites, they also have a lot of other things as well. They have save the dates, wedding related party invites, all kinds of wedding accessories, and a ton more. Plus, and not that I'm trying to sound like a cheapskate, but I feel like all of their items are decently priced (without sacrificing on quality). So, if you're planning a wedding, you should definitely give them a look.

And, if my glowing review of all of the awesome things doesn't convince ya, how about a little special offer? Like, say 40% Off Wedding Invitations and Save the Dates. Because the're totally offering all of my readers just that. Just use promo Code CV7340.

So there you have it. Frustrated with wedding invites or just looking for some wedding stationery stuff. Go check out the American Wedding.

Disclaimer: I was approached by The American Wedding on Twitter. I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this endorsement. All opinions are solely my own.

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