How to Bullet Journal (Because It's Awesome)

How to Bullet Journal (Because It's Awesome)

I'm officially a bullet journal junkie, you guys. It took me a little while and I as skeptical at first, but now I don't think I could go back to a traditional planner. Here's the run down of how I set up my bullet journal.

Seven Things I'm Doing So I Don't Feel Blah Because I Work from Home

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a girly girl. I hate frilly pink things and I can definitely leave my place without makeup. But I do enjoy girly things from time to time. I like makeup and nail polish (my nails are pretty much never naked). I also like to smell good and all that jazz. And when I worked in an office, all of that seemed like a normal habit. It was almost effortless. It was especially easy when I was dating and meeting new guys.

How OneNote is Saving My Life

I'm a super organizer and proud of it. I love doing it and something just feels right after I've organized a whole pile of something. But when you're a blogger/freelance writer, planning a wedding, and just naturally stress when stuff is chaotic, it's super important to stay organized. And one way that I do that is by using OneNote.