How to Reuse Old Artwork

How to Reuse Old Artwork

One of the best things about moving into this house was the fact that the former homeowners left us so many awesome things. They left us a lot of artwork. We donated some and kept some. I liked the frames of some of the pieces we kept, but not the actual picture in the frame. So I decided to get crafty.

12 Days of Christmas DIY - Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Because your outdoor space needs more than a blow up Santa this holiday season.

How to Make a Cute Little Decorative Dish (My 2nd Feature in Holl & Lane)

Finished (MI love little dishes. I have them everywhere -- the bathroom, on my dresses, on the table next to the bed, next to the kitchen sink, on my craft table. You get the idea. You just never know when you'll need a place for a ring or a little random screw you find. So I find having little dishes stashed everywhere is great. And they also serve as some awesome decor. So I shared a fun little DIY on how to make a cute little decorative dish in the second issue of Holl and Lane magazine. Check it out by clicking here. And, of course, browse the magazine while you're there. There are so many great stories, DIY ideas, and recipes.

Totally not related side note, you might also see a cute little ad for Chaotic & Collected Stationery. My first ever!

Mod Podge Newspaper Canvas Art

I mentioned in my post about DIY Valentine's Day gifts that I made Mr. T a present. I was extremely proud of my craftiness with this present (both thinking of it and making it) and I couldn't wait to give it to him. As some of you may know, Mr. T is a huge Ohio State fan. I know, I know. How in the world did I even make it past the first date with him?! I actually knew before I even met him, not that I should publicly admit that. Anyway. He bleeds scarlet and gray. So much that we even watched the national championship game during our honeymoon. Technically I slept (that bed was so damn comfy).

I had been talking about doing the whole mod podge newspaper canvas art for awhile so when we decided to make the present for Valentine's Day I knew that I wanted to do that for him. I just wasn't sure what or how (at that time I hadn't technically decided to use newspaper). Googling led me to EBAY which helped me find the article from the Columbus newspaper all about the national championship and the win. Clearly this is what I needed to use for Mr. T's present. So I bought it and made sure to be super anal so Mr. T wouldn't see it (I was so worried about that). And one Friday morning I made it.

I actually looked up ideas and instructions on how to do this tons of times. But when I did it, I didn't follow any of the directions I found. I just did my own thing. But it seemed to work because Mr. T loves it (or he loves me a whole lot). Either way it's hanging in our living room.

Sorry the pictures are crappy. I was doing this in a hurry since it was a secret y'all. And I was on the floor. Old people shouldn't do crafts on the floor.

mod podge art

Here's what you'll need:

  • Canvas (you can use any size, it just depends on how big you want it to be)
  • Newspaper
  • Paint brush/sponge brush
  • Mod podge

mod podge art

Here's what I did:

It was actually pretty easy. Just a little messy. Pro tip: don't do this right after a manicure and don't wear your favorite leggings.

1. I covered the floor with some newspapers. Then I covered the canvas with a generous coat of mod podge.

When I say generous, I mean g-e-n-e-r-o-u-s. Lather that baby up like frosting on a cake.

mod podge art


2. I covered the canvas with newspaper.

I used pages from the sports section, but made sure to use ones that I didn't care about him actually seeing. This is really just a good base to cover the canvas. If you don't mind the canvas showing feel free to move along. Also, don't worry if all of it doesn't stick. The pages will overlap, but it's not a big deal. You will have plenty of ops to fix it.

3. I covered that layer generously with mod podge and stuck another layer of newspaper to it.

This time I used the stuff I wanted him to see. I kind of alternated the edges because I liked the effect it created. I didn't want everything all straight and lined up. Plus, you wouldn't be able to see bits of all of the pieces I was using if it was all lined up. I had a lot of edges of newspaper hanging off, but I didn't worry about them just yet.

mod podge art

4. I continued to layer mod podge and newspaper until I had used all of the newspaper pieces I wanted to use.

There was actually quite a few pieces of newspaper. When I first put them all out I didn't think it would be enough, but there was plenty. I am not sure how many I used all together, but I used about half of the sports section and then the whole section about the game itself. So maybe about 6-8 sheets.

mod podge art

mod podge art 5. Then I worked on the stuff hanging over the edges.

This wasn't planned in the beginning, but just kind of happened because if the way I chose to layer the newspaper. Obviously, I had to do something so it didn't ruin my masterpiece. I didn't want to cut it because, well, frankly, I thought it would look dumb. So, I basically just folded them over the edge and stuck them down with more mod podge. If you give the edges of the canvas a good coat they stick pretty well and I used my fingers to press it down good and tight. It looked way cooler in my humble opinion.

6. I coated everything in another generous layer of mod podge.

I also tried to get everything as flat and non-wrinkly as I could. There were parts that ended up being wrinkly, but I think it's fine (Mr. T says it gives it a cool look  and I'm pretty sure that means he's trying to prevent me from ripping it all apart and redoing it until I get it perfect). It will look really wet and shiny, but don't worry (I was really worried) as this isn't how it will look once it's all finished.

mod podge art

7. I let it all dry and then went back and covered it one more time with another coat of mod podge so I could be sure everything was covered.

I din't want anything to rip or look weird.

8. I admired my work and then put it in a trash bag and placed it behind the clothes in our office/closet to make sure it was good and hidden.

That man walked past it for a week and never even noticed.

Fun DIY Valentine's Day Presents

I feel like Monica on Friends. Make the presents. Make the presents. (People still get that reference, right?) Anyway, homemade presents are my favorite thing. Always have been. Probably always will be. I don't know why. Maybe it's the crafty gal in me or maybe it's just the feeling I get when people open up something unique that was crafted just for them. So, after some fighting discussing about what we wanted to do for Valentine's Day, Mr. T and I have decided we will make presents for each other. I really wish I could share all the details about what I am making for him, but obviously I can't since he reads this blog. It's really awesome though and I promise to share after Valentine's Day. Here are some other really great ideas for DIY Valentine's Day presents.

home is wherever I'm with you

Home is Wherever I'm With You Sign

Ok. I may have stole this idea from Mr. T because he saw it first and he actually made it for me as a wedding present. It is truly one of the most wonderful and special gifts I've ever received. I might have cried a tiny bit or had some dirt in my eye when I opened it. There are lots of variations of it. In fact, if you look on Etsy you can buy a million of them. But it's easy to make (I know this since Mr. T is not the crafty one in the relationship).

All you need is:

  • Frame
  • Map  or some sort of picture of the location of your choice
  • Cardstock
  • Box cutter or some other tool that allows you to cut shapes out of paper
  • Glue

All you do is:

1. Cut a heart out of the card stock, glue paper behind it, and write the words "Home is Wherever I'm With You.

2. Place in frame.

3. Done.


Coffee Filter flowers

Gals adore flowers, right? Well, flowers also die. So, make her some that don't. My sister actually made a bunch of these for my shower and my wedding and they were so beautiful and easy to make. They're also super inexpensive. I found this really great tutorial over here.


Make a Mosaic Book

Disclaimer: I was actually approached by this company and was able to try out their service for free. I made a book of honeymoon pictures and it was seriously one of the easiest books I've ever made. And I promise I am not just saying that. I think it took me about 10 minutes and the hardest part was figuring out what pictures I wanted to use. All you do is download the free app on your phone, select the pictures of your choice, and then click done. They show you a little snap shot of your book that you can virtually flip through. Per the email I received, my book will arrive on February 10 (I made it on February 4) so they have pretty fast turn around time too. Check out this link for more details.


Ok. So we all know I am obsessed with goodies as gifts and so clearly Valentine's Day is no different. I feel like it's one of the easiest holidays to make treats for though. You can make heart shaped cookies or cupcakes with cute little hearts on them. So many possibilities. You can use any of my Christmas goody ideas for inspiration or check out this yummy recipe for chocolate dipped pretzels. (Aheam, shameless plug alert. You can also put your goodies in one of the really fun and cute goody bags that I have in my online shop)


Heart Confetti Coffee Mugs

This is the most adorable thing ever. If your valentine is a coffee or tea drinker this is definitely a good choice. The tutorial looks really fun and easy. In fact, if I wasn't banned from adding anymore coffee mugs to our collection (I just bought four more at Target the other day), I would probably make them for myself. Can someone please make them and report back?

Darby Smart

You knew this was coming, right? Seriously though, Darby Smart has some really cute things for Valentine's Day and just some really great kits. I actually made Mr. T's wedding present with a Darby Smart kit (they were cufflinks and he adored them). The kits are priced really well and come with everything you need to make a really fab DIY project. They even include step by step projects. My recommendations: Homemade Gin Kit, Stamped Silver Keychain, and Metal Stamped Bracelets.

And, of course I have to throw in one more shameless plug. If you're looking for some fun cards or things to wrap your gifts in check out my stationery store. I have lots of cute, fun, and non-mushy cards. As well as bags to put all your fun gifts in.

What are some of your DIY present ideas?

Darby Smart Kit: Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

A couple of weeks ago, in my weekend in photos, I showed you a picture of a really cool candy jar that I made. I've been wanting a little candy jar of some sort for the longest time. I think it's the old lady in me or something, but I love having candy sitting out. It reminds me of my grandma because she almost always had a little dish of candy sitting in the living room. So when I saw the Darby Smart kit to make one I knew I had to have it. I was actually a little confused when I saw the supplies to make it, but then I realized how genius it was. I'm actually a little sad I didn't think of it myself. It was also super easy to make. Here's how I made my Darby Smart Kit Lil' Piggy Candy Jar.

Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

Supplies you'll get:

  • Clay Pot
  • Spray paint in color of your choice
  • Plastic fish bowl
  • Glue
  • Animals
  • Lid

Painting Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

How I did it:

1. I started by spray painting the lid, pot, and lil' piggy. I found this a little harder than I thought. It's mostly just me and the fact that I thought spray paint would be easy and fast so I think I rushed it. Man that stuff is finicky and has a mind of its own! Especially when you're panting the pot. The pig and the lid were much easier.


  • Make sure that you hold the spray paint can about 10 feet or so away from whatever you're painting. If you don't you will never get it even.
  • Open a window or do it outside because the smell will fill the room pretty easily.
  • Make sure to cover anything and everything around where you're painting. I might have a gold table now from spray paint.

2. Let everything dry. Believe me when I tell you this -- let the damn stuff dry. I was so excited to get it together that I definitely didn't give it enough time. So when I went to put the second coat on it ended up making everything a hot mess. The paint came off in places and then was uneven. Seriously, hot mess. I was able to fix it by dabbing it a little with a paper towel and all was right again.


Gluing Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

3. Glue it all together. I glued the two pieces of the lid together. Then glued the pig to the lid and the plastic bowl to the pot. Then I let it dry overnight. Don't worry about how messy this looks, you won't notice it once it's all glued together.

Lil' Piggy Candy Jar

4. Fill with candy and eat a few pieces. I actually waited a couple of days to put candy in it to let it all air out. I'm a weirdo and I was a bit afraid that the fumes would make the candy taste funny. I used jelly beans leftover from our trip upstate and I'm planning on putting M&Ms in it once we finish those (as you can see it won't be long until I need to refill it). I really love it and I think it adds a little fun to our room decor.


How To Make a Football Field Table Runner

Football field table runnerMr. T and I hosted a little get together the evening that MSU played Ohio State. It was complete with buffalo chicken dip, seven layer dip, chocolate chip cookie dough dip shaped like a football, and our boozy apple cider. While we were prepping for the festivities, we wanted to add a little decor to the table. I had some leftover green felt from another project, but they were just small squares and there wasn't enough to cover the whole table. So after playing around with some ideas, I thought of the genius idea to put the squares together as a runner. Turns out it was a super easy project that added a little something to our decor. Here's how to make a football field table runner with a few inexpensive supplies.

What you'll need:

(sorry I didn't take a picture of all the supplies!)

  • Green felt (I used four squares, but you can use one large piece or more depending on what you want and how big your table is)
  • Masking tape
  • Chalk maker (I chose this because we have so many of them leftover from the wedding. But I found that it actually makes a really awesome looking line that almost looks like the lines they paint on the field. Even Mr. T said so.)
  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Stencils

Here's what you need to do:

Football field table runner

Start by taping the squares together. You won't see the tape since it's on the back side. I'm sure you could use glue, but I didn't have time to let it dry and I was afraid it wouldn't stay as well.

Football field table runner

Draw a line in the middle. You can measure or just eyeball it. That is your 50 yard line and it will be your starting point.


Then you will need to draw for more lines on each side of the 50 yard line for the 12, 20, 30, and 40 yard lines. You will want to measure because you obviously want them to be evenly spaced or it won't look like a football field. Mr. T helped with this part.

Football field table runner

Using the stencil (unless you have really neat writing and the ability to make awesome block numbers), draw the numbers for each line. The 1,2,3,4, or 5 should be on one side and the 0 should be on the other. Repeat on both sides.

You could make a G at the end of the runner to show the goal or you could even write in your teams or be creative to make it look more like a football. We chose not to do this because it made it way too busy.

You can also put in the marks for the yards in between each 10 yards, but, again, we chose not to do this since it would make it look to busy.

Then just put it in the middle of your table and put all of your snacks out (I should have taken a picture of the table when it was all together. It looked amazing!)


Darby Smart July Box: Clock Making Kit

I feel like every month I say the same thing -- this Darby Smart box is my favorite. And this month is no different. I seriously would have never thought to buy any of this stuff. Even if I did I would have thought it would be so much harder than it was. This month's project was a clock.

Darby Smart July Box

I received:

Wooden circle White & black paint Gold pen Paint sponges Clock kit

At first I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do with it. I knew I wanted to hang it in the kitchen, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to paint it. Mr. T suggested writing something on the clock and so the bacon clock was born.

PaintingI started by painting the whole wood circle black. Obviously that part was easy.

Next it was time to put the numbers on. The numbers are self adhesive, but I didn't trust that they would stay on so I decided to use a little glue from a leftover project. I started with the 6 and 12 since they have certain positions on the clock. Then I put on the 3 and the 9 (with the suggestion of Mr. T) which helped to know how to space all of the other numbers. Then I added the rest.

Then I wrote the words. It was actually pretty easy. I love the way the pen writes. I intentionally made them "messy" so I wouldn't have to worry about making them perfect. I also practiced on a piece of paper first.


Then it was time to put all of the clock parts on. The kit comes with really easy instructions so I just followed that, added a battery, and BOOM I have a clock.

We decided to hang it on the wall above our bathroom door in the kitchen (yes, it's weird that our kitchen is right off the bathroom). And the clock is with it's bacon and beer friends from the wood burning kit I received a few months ago.


Darby Smart April Box: Metal Stamping Kit

I just received April's Darby Smart box (a metal stamping kit) and I am in love. There's so many possibilities that I am trying not to stamp everything that's metal in my apartment.

Darby Smart March Box: Wood Burning Kit

I have found heaven with a DIY montly subscrition box, Darby Smart. This month's box was a wood burning kit and I used it to make some awesome art for our kitchen.

DIY Art: States Pictures

I found the coolest art project the other day on Pinterest -- states art. It's a way to show off where we're from no matter where we are. It's also creative and super easy (and looks amazing hanging over our bed). Here's the step-by-step instructions on how to make your own.