How to Reuse Old Artwork

How to Reuse Old Artwork

One of the best things about moving into this house was the fact that the former homeowners left us so many awesome things. They left us a lot of artwork. We donated some and kept some. I liked the frames of some of the pieces we kept, but not the actual picture in the frame. So I decided to get crafty.

Mod Podge Newspaper Canvas Art

I mentioned in my post about DIY Valentine's Day gifts that I made Mr. T a present. I was extremely proud of my craftiness with this present (both thinking of it and making it) and I couldn't wait to give it to him. As some of you may know, Mr. T is a huge Ohio State fan. I know, I know. How in the world did I even make it past the first date with him?! I actually knew before I even met him, not that I should publicly admit that. Anyway. He bleeds scarlet and gray. So much that we even watched the national championship game during our honeymoon. Technically I slept (that bed was so damn comfy).

I had been talking about doing the whole mod podge newspaper canvas art for awhile so when we decided to make the present for Valentine's Day I knew that I wanted to do that for him. I just wasn't sure what or how (at that time I hadn't technically decided to use newspaper). Googling led me to EBAY which helped me find the article from the Columbus newspaper all about the national championship and the win. Clearly this is what I needed to use for Mr. T's present. So I bought it and made sure to be super anal so Mr. T wouldn't see it (I was so worried about that). And one Friday morning I made it.

I actually looked up ideas and instructions on how to do this tons of times. But when I did it, I didn't follow any of the directions I found. I just did my own thing. But it seemed to work because Mr. T loves it (or he loves me a whole lot). Either way it's hanging in our living room.

Sorry the pictures are crappy. I was doing this in a hurry since it was a secret y'all. And I was on the floor. Old people shouldn't do crafts on the floor.

mod podge art

Here's what you'll need:

  • Canvas (you can use any size, it just depends on how big you want it to be)
  • Newspaper
  • Paint brush/sponge brush
  • Mod podge

mod podge art

Here's what I did:

It was actually pretty easy. Just a little messy. Pro tip: don't do this right after a manicure and don't wear your favorite leggings.

1. I covered the floor with some newspapers. Then I covered the canvas with a generous coat of mod podge.

When I say generous, I mean g-e-n-e-r-o-u-s. Lather that baby up like frosting on a cake.

mod podge art


2. I covered the canvas with newspaper.

I used pages from the sports section, but made sure to use ones that I didn't care about him actually seeing. This is really just a good base to cover the canvas. If you don't mind the canvas showing feel free to move along. Also, don't worry if all of it doesn't stick. The pages will overlap, but it's not a big deal. You will have plenty of ops to fix it.

3. I covered that layer generously with mod podge and stuck another layer of newspaper to it.

This time I used the stuff I wanted him to see. I kind of alternated the edges because I liked the effect it created. I didn't want everything all straight and lined up. Plus, you wouldn't be able to see bits of all of the pieces I was using if it was all lined up. I had a lot of edges of newspaper hanging off, but I didn't worry about them just yet.

mod podge art

4. I continued to layer mod podge and newspaper until I had used all of the newspaper pieces I wanted to use.

There was actually quite a few pieces of newspaper. When I first put them all out I didn't think it would be enough, but there was plenty. I am not sure how many I used all together, but I used about half of the sports section and then the whole section about the game itself. So maybe about 6-8 sheets.

mod podge art

mod podge art 5. Then I worked on the stuff hanging over the edges.

This wasn't planned in the beginning, but just kind of happened because if the way I chose to layer the newspaper. Obviously, I had to do something so it didn't ruin my masterpiece. I didn't want to cut it because, well, frankly, I thought it would look dumb. So, I basically just folded them over the edge and stuck them down with more mod podge. If you give the edges of the canvas a good coat they stick pretty well and I used my fingers to press it down good and tight. It looked way cooler in my humble opinion.

6. I coated everything in another generous layer of mod podge.

I also tried to get everything as flat and non-wrinkly as I could. There were parts that ended up being wrinkly, but I think it's fine (Mr. T says it gives it a cool look  and I'm pretty sure that means he's trying to prevent me from ripping it all apart and redoing it until I get it perfect). It will look really wet and shiny, but don't worry (I was really worried) as this isn't how it will look once it's all finished.

mod podge art

7. I let it all dry and then went back and covered it one more time with another coat of mod podge so I could be sure everything was covered.

I din't want anything to rip or look weird.

8. I admired my work and then put it in a trash bag and placed it behind the clothes in our office/closet to make sure it was good and hidden.

That man walked past it for a week and never even noticed.

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