Can A Woman Be Too Pretty To Marry A Poor Guy?

attachment-510bda22e4b0db1a64628f9f I read a lot of crap on the internet (don’t we all?). And much of that crap leaves me with the “are you kidding me?” kind of expression/thoughts in my head. An article I read yesterday in The Frisky did just that. It probably deserves the title of the worst thing I’ve read this week.

You can check it all out for yourself, but basically a woman is engaged and feels she’s too pretty for the man she’s marrying because he’s not rich.

There are so many places to go here.

I like to give credit where credit is due. So kudos and pats on the back for having high self-esteem. That’s great. In a world where some women are ashamed to look in the mirror I commend her on feeling great about herself. Really I do. Also, congrats on being pretty open about the being shallow.

Here’s the thing though. She’s obviously not really into this guy. Seriously. And honestly, that’s OK. I am not defending her at all. I am just saying there is more to a relationship than just being nice. And no one should date or marry a person solely for that fact. So I don’t fault her for not being into the guy.

What I do fault her for is not being honest about this whole situation before she got so heavily involved with this guy. Now, I don’t know her situation. Maybe there were pressures from herself or people close to her. Maybe she genuinely believes that she loves him. But I don’t believe this is the first time she’s ever questioned her decision to be with him so she probably should have handled it all some time ago.

Also, let’s just put this out there -- women do not deserve rich men just because they are pretty. I’m not really sure where she gets this idea, but it’s so completely off from any sane thought. I could go more into that but then I would have to label this NSFW.

And, there’s so much more to a relationship than money. I mean, does she really think that she’d be happy with a guy solely because he’s rich? What if he treats you poorly? What if he’s never around? Because you know all that money doesn’t grow on trees, right? I am not saying rich guys are horrible people or anything. There are plenty of nice, rich guys. But she’s equating better to being rich and I think that’s a pretty crappy statement to make.

I could sit here and list all the things wrong with this situation but, at the end of the day, I say she’s just not into the dude she’s marrying. Maybe she liked him at first. Maybe she wanted to like him because he’s nice. Maybe people close to her pressured her to saddle up with the dude because he’s nice. Regardless she doesn’t want to marry this guy. Plain and simple.

And, honestly, maybe she should end it. This guy deserves a woman who genuinely loves him and cares for him. Not someone who is going to question if he’s good enough because he’ll “only bring a middle-class income at best.”