Budget Wedding Planning: Table Centerpieces


The wedding planning has officially begun. Truth be told, we’ve been planning since we decided to get married. But now it’s time to put all of our ideas into concrete plans for the big day.

Mr. T and I are planning this wedding thing on a budget and, honestly, I think I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m creative so I want to use my skills to make this wedding reflect who we really are as a couple. We’ve decided to invite around 100 people and that means we’ll have roughly 13 tables to make pretty. And that means we’re also in need of 13 centerpieces for each table (possibly more for other tables, but we can get to that later).

Since our wedding is going to have a rustic/vintage feel, I didn’t want to go with something over the top and glamorous. That’s not really our style and it would totally clash with the wedding. We had so many ideas for flowers, candles, and old books that I thought it would be fun to do something different on each of the tables.

The great part about this idea is that we don’t have to make everything match – we just have to make sure things coordinate with each other and with our theme. So we can really just buy stuff that we like as we see it and we can buy it from anywhere. It’s also helpful to stay on budget. If we find a few things for really cheap, we might be able to splurge on some other things that coordinate. We can also splurge on other areas of the wedding that we can’t be as liberal with; like food.

While Mr. T and I were browsing items at garage sales, he noticed these:





We both fell in love with them and thought they would look awesome with some kind of flowers in them. I am thinking wild flowers to fit that rustic theme and probably daisies of some sort. We paid $5.00 total for all of them.

Then later on my mom and I were raiding Goodwill for more ideas when we stumbled on these:


Of course these are perfect because, again, they fit with the rustic vintage theme. But they are also a blank canvas and so easy to work with – we can just add some flowers, stain them, paint them, or do some sort of combination. And, these babies only cost $1.50 total.

The plan for the other tables is to buy old books, pile them together, and tie them with a ribbon. I figure we get those for $1-2 at used book stores and/or thrift stores.

So, if you’re keeping track, we spent a total of $6.50 and have centerpieces for half of our tables. If you through in books, ribbon and flowers we’ll probably spend about $100 max (and that’s probably over estimating) and we will have complete centerpieces for all 13 of our tables.

I’ve done some investigating and just the vases, jars, etc. alone are way more than that and that’s before the flowers. So I’d say that’s a pretty good deal (and a wise choice on our part).

The best part is, all of this is stuff we can use again. We can incorporate it in our apartment in some way. So I’d say that makes them an even bigger bargain.

We’re also planning on incorporating some personal touches to the tables as well. I can’t wait to see it all come together and I promise to share pictures of the finished product.