Budget Friendly Cookout Ideas: The Decor

This week. Oh, this week. I'm sure that I will talk more about it in this week's happy Friday, but holy hell. But I REALLY wanted to continue with my series on cookout fun. So I'm sorry it's a tad late this week, but here it is!!

Let's talk cookout décor, shall we?

I feel like the décor often gets overlooked when it comes to cookouts. I don't know if it's because people don't think about it or if it just seems difficult or what, but party décor is obviously something that I feel is pretty important. I mean, I built a whole business (LINK to SHOP) on it, you guys.

cookout decor - michaels garland

Get crafty

I do not even know where to start with this one. From candle holders made to tin cans, to all of the paper décor, I don't even know. The possibilities are endless with this one, you guys. The best part of a cookout is that you can kind of do whatever you want. Use different colors like bright turquoise, pink, purple, yellow, and orange. Use different patterns like pineapples or ice cream cones. Get inspired by the food.

There's so much.

If your stumped, lots of craft stores have all kinds of easy little DIY kits (like this one from Michaels) so you can make garlands and other fun stuff so that's definitely a good start. And Pinterest is also full of ideas.

Photo courtesy of Let's Mingle Blog

Use what you've got

Honestly, sometimes I think getting the food, plates, napkins, etc. can serve as the décor. You can serve dip on a hallowed out pepper or make a flag out of berries. You can serve food in fun summer colors. You can make funny shaped ice cubes or these pretty lil' flavored cubes.

cookout food drink tips

Shop the $1 section of Target

No, really. See that picture up there? Almost all of it came from the $1 section of Target. I stumbled upon so many good finds for the last cookout we had and I didn't even really know I was looking. They have cute straws, pitchers, plates, trays, cups-- you name it. Granted, not all of it is $1, but most of it is $3 or less. I believe the total that I spent was like $50. The best thing is that it's all plastic so I can reuse it all summer and if it doesn't last more than this summer, that's OK because it was from the $1 section of Target. Also don't be afraid of the Dollar Store or clearance sections (this also might be where your craftiness comes in too).

hamburger hot dog garland

Get handmade goods

You knew this was coming, didn't you? I'm not trying to knock Party City or anything, you guys. But, let's all be honest here, handmade goods are so much more fun. There are tons of options on Etsy and many shops do custom orders too! And, I mean, you can get that cute little hamburger and hot dog garland pictured up there from my shop (shameless plug!!). Plus I also have other cute lil' décor that would be awesome for cookouts, like some stuff that's in bright fluorescent colors and there's a pineapple kit coming!!!