Brew Better Coffee with CaliX Multi Layer Brewing Capsule

attachment-53710a6ee4b0cb63d6f44020 I hate to sound like a typical New Yorker, but I value coffee almost as much as I value breathing. I was like that long before I moved to New York. There's just something about a morning cup of Joe that starts my day off right. I have managed to cut back from a pot a day, but coffee and I will always be besties until the end.

So when I was approached about a new way to brew coffee, I was clearly all over it.

CaliX, is a multi-layer brewing capsule that promises a stronger, bigger, and better cup of coffee every time. Apparently the way that single serve coffee machines brew coffee doesn't allow for the best flavor.


As a long-time Keurig brewer I actually didn’t know this. I love my Keurig because of its convenience and, honestly, I always thought it made a good cup of coffee. Then again, I should probably add that I would drink coffee reheated the next day. Not because it's great, but because you can't waste good coffee.

Anyway, CaliX is different. It uses something called Multi Layer Brewing. Basically, an interior layer is added to the standard drip method helping to utilize all of the coffee grinds by entirely submerging them. This added layer improves brew quality and offers a larger full strength serving because of its similarity to a coffee press.

Seriously, the science behind coffee is amazing. This is stuff that I didn’t know.


Question is, however, does it really improve the taste of your coffee? Well, I was able to taste test a cup using traditional Keurig methods and a cup using CaliX. I brewed them exactly the same way with exactly the same amount of everything. I also didn't put any cream or sugar in it either cup because I honestly wanted to get the real deal. I was also afraid that I might put more of something in one of the cups and, well, that's just not fair.

I took a few sips of each cup. And, honestly, I have to tell you that there is definitely a difference in the taste. It's not a huge difference, but I'm not really a picky coffee gal so others might feel differently. The difference was definitely noticeable though. It's hard to explain, but the coffee brewed from the CaliX capsule had more flavor. It tasted more distinct.

My one complaint is the fact that you can't use the actual K-cups with the CaliX. You have to use coffee grounds. And I'm sure that's part of its awesomeness. It's just, for me, that kind of defeats the purpose for why I bought and use the Keurig. I'm not sure if I would use this every day, but I would definitely use it when I am brewing using grounds.

For now, CaliX can only be used with Keurig brewers. I should also note that it's super easy to use as well. You can purchase it for $23.99. To find out more information or to get your own, visit their website.