BRB I'm Going on Vacation

Our vacation faces. Naturally.

Our vacation faces. Naturally.

Mr. T and I haven't had a real vacation since our honeymoon. And, I mean, that wasn't that long ago, but it was long enough to feel the effects of having not taken a vacation.

So next week, vacationing we will go. We're packing up a whole lot of food, the dogs, and ourselves to spend a whole week in the mountains of Georgia. I'm equal parts excited and terrified of all of the bugs and darkness.

I'm going to try to disconnect some. I'll be Instagramming to crap out things I'm sure. But no blogging and really minimal activity online. I really just want to relax with my babes and just be.

So I guess you could call this my out of office. I'll be back Monday, August 8 with some new things in the shop and some new posts and hopefully a better outlook on everything.

Also, as a side note, since I'll be traveling, production times will be a bit slower in the shop and I'll be slower to respond. I know this is a tad inconvenient, so if you order anything July 31-August 7 you can use the code TRAVEL for free shipping off any and all purchases (US shipping only. Sorry!) Please note that the coupon is only good for orders placed in this time frame. 

And please wish me luck traveling with two dogs for nine hours in the car. Brooklyn likes to ride on my lap and Grendel likes to ride on Brooklyn.