BRB, I'm Going on My Honeymoon

Not exactly where we will be staying, but beautiful Bermuda. Photo credit: kansasphoto (Flickr) So I know that I just got back from a little break for the holiday, but I have to sign off for a few days again because Mr. T and I are going on our honeymoon. I am so excited and I can't wait. I definitely understand why people take a honeymoon immediately following their wedding. You're beat! But that wasn't an option for us because of his teaching schedule (damn those smart people!). The cabin was fun, but it is nothing like a whole entire week off at a beachy resort.

We chose Bermuda because it's the off season so it won't be crazy hot or flooded with tons of people and it's also a short plane ride from NYC. I don't want to start or end our trip with some crazy long plane ride. I am not technically a beachy gal, but we both figured it was the perfect place to go and relax. We didn't want to mess around with sightseeing and all that jazz. And I am not totally sad about going some place warm in the middle of winter. Now I just have to round up all of our summer clothes to pack.

Anyway, I am disconnecting for a bit. I'll post a little over on Twitter and Instagram (and maybe even Facebook) while I'm away. But I'm putting a halt on blog posts until I return. I will be back after the trip rested and full of all I can eat and drink (with some awesome posts of course).

Wish me luck with this beach stuff!