Big News Creates Big Change

Photo credit: Seth Anderson (Flickr)

I was a dating blogger for nearly four years. But now that I’m engaged it doesn’t seem fitting to blog about that anymore. I will still write about dating from time to time, it’s just not the focus of my blog anymore.

It still seems a little weird to say I was a dating blogger, by the way.

But I’m still the gal who started writing because I love it. Because I have something to say and wanted a place to share it. And I definitely feel like I’ll have a whole lot to talk about with all that’s about to happen in my life.

So Last Call will be exactly that – a space to share everything that happens while I’m living life. Random thoughts. Advice. Tips. Happenings about town. Dating and relationships will still creep in once in a while. And so will talks of the change from being a single gal to a soon-to-be married gal (and then a married gal in September 2014).