A Few Tips On Being Your Own Wedding DJ

Call us crazy, but Mr. T and I didn't want to have a DJ at our wedding. Why? Well for two reasons really: 1) They're so expensive 2) They're annoying. No offense, but we've heard so many horror stories from people who had put together playlists and then the DJ just went with his/her own agenda. Who wants to pay all of that money and maybe not even get what you want? Not us.

With a little searching, we found that being your own wedding DJ was actually pretty easy. So here's a few tips on being your own wedding DJ.

1.Use an app like Spotify.

I think there is some sort of wedding DJ app thing on the I-Phone, but since neither of us have one we found Spotify was really awesome. You can set up playlists for each stage and you have access to most songs you'd want. Plus there are playlists from others to help you get started.

2. Make a schedule and be detailed.

People will probably make fun of you, but if you're going to be your own DJ, you have to understand the timing of everything so someone knows when to do what and you know how much music you need. So sit down and figure out how much time to allow for things and then fill in the music. We found Google really useful and some of it was just how much time we wanted to allow for things. Obviously it also matters on how long you have your venue.

3. Get someone to MC.

Trust me on this one -- you want someone on the microphone. It can be a friend or family member. Someone with personality. We had Mr. T's Uncle and it was awesome. He even interrupted to share some college football scores. And, that's a crucial thing for a midwest wedding.

4. Rent a sound system.


5. Run through things during the rehearsal dinner.

We maybe didn't really do this. In the end it worked fine, but there were a couple of glitches that we may have been able to work out.  And, trust me, there are plenty of other things to worry about on your actual day.

6. Understand that you might have a few glitches or that things might not go the way you planned.

This actually totally worked in our favor. The best man ended up just kind of taking control and playing requests from people. We ended up having an even better playlist for the reception than we could have ever put together. The dance floor was packed all night.

7. Realize how little play time you actually have.

Mr. T and I went through all of these lists and found all of these songs that we just had to have for our reception. Then when we put it together we had something like eight hours of songs. DJs don't always play the full song so that's what allows them to play so much. You'd be surprised at how few songs you can play in an hour or so.

8. Ask your guests for help.

We included a song request card in our invitations. All of our guests didn't participate, but it was fun seeing what everyone suggested. We even received a few requests from guests that weren't coming. So it really made the whole process that much better.

9. Don't obsess over it.

We spent hours (and I mean H-O-U-R-S) sifting through songs and making lists and obsessing over every little song. We found out that most people don't even notice what's playing through dinner. And people will dance if there's a good vibe. And sometimes your best man will just jump in and your whole playlist will be shot to hell.