On Being Grateful: Sometimes It's Hard

Photo credit: torbakhopper (Flickr) Being grateful. Sometimes it's hard you guys.

I realized lately that I spend a lot of time thinking about all the things I don't have. All of the things I'm not. All of the things I don't do. All of the things I wish people would do. It's started to get really bad you guys. It's so bad that sometimes I don't think I have a single thing that I should appreciate. And, well, that's just not true.

So in an attempt to quiet the negative noise, I've started to do little things to help me realize the greatness of life. Because I used to always be able to look on the bright side. I've been writing in a journal. And, as luck would have it, I saw a fun little link up with a blogger pal, Emily over at Ember Grey. It's like the universe wanted me to write about it or something.

So here's what I'm grateful for. Little things. Big things. Today. And every day.

Wednesdays & Thursdays. They're slowly becoming my favorite days of the week. On Wednesdays I go to work with Mr. T. I work in his office while he teaches and we have lunch together. Then when he's done we grab dinner. It's nice to have the long car ride with him. We talk and listed to music (OK, sometimes I sleep). And Thursdays are usually my shop day and I love having that time of uninterrupted creativity.

That my husband has a job. And it's a really good job you guys. A great job that he loves. Right now it's hard because he's working a lot and had a long commute. But without that job I don't know where we'd be. And seeing him get to live out his dream every day is pretty awesome.

My organization skills. Seriously, if it wasn't for them I think Mr. T and I would die. And I'm certain we'd never have dinner or clean clothes.

My creativity (and the ability to use it almost every day). I know I've mentioned that working on my own has been a struggle. But I'm so grateful that I get to have that struggle. I love that I'm doing what I love to do.

Bacon & beer. Because without those things, life would be boring and tasteless.

My blogging group and the Holl & Lane Tribe. I felt really alone in the blogging world and now I have a home. With that also came the opportunity to work with a digital magazine. It's pretty awesome and such a great group of girls. It makes me feel like I'm a part of something awesome. Something I believe in. Something that fits me.

Mama C's cookies. And the fact that she makes them in double batches.

(Almost) one year of marriage with Mr. T. That man annoys me. Like to the point where I want to punch things. But I adore him and love him and I love this life that we're building.

Brooklyn. Not the city (though I once loved that too), but the puppy. I never knew a dog could be so cute until I had my own. Everything she does, even the times when we think there might be a bug hanging out of her mouth, is cute. That lil' puppy is the best.

My passion. I know it gets me into trouble sometimes because I make a big deal out of such stupid things. But without it I wouldn't be me. Ya take the good with the bad. Am I right?

That football and fall are almost here. You can't feel it today, but it's coming! And I can't wait to wear boots and scarves and jeans and eat buffalo chicken dip!

The weird thing is that as I sit here and write this post I feel like I could go on and on about all of the things I love about life. Seems kind of silly that I have such a hard time with it, doesn't it? But I guess it's so easy to overlook half of the stuff (OK, all of it) on this list. I write it off like it doesn't matter because the negative creeps in.

So here's to being grateful every day. To appreciating all of the great things. Both big and small. And fingers crossed my brain will work with me and let me remember all of these things every day.

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