Be Supportive

March Madness

Call me crazy, but I just finished three straight weekends of watching college basketball with Mr. T. This past weekend wasn't so bad since there was only two games. But the first weekend was pretty much basketball all day, every day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And actually, it was pretty fun.

I didn't really even think about it, I just did it. He told me a few times that we could watch something else if I wanted to. And I genuinely know that if I had asked him to change the channel he would have. But I didn't.

This might not seem like a huge deal. I mean, I don't hate sports -- I'm a college football crazy. But, honestly, I feel like it's something that I jumped on board with letting our entire lives revolve around basketball for three weekends. We scheduled everything around it and worked hard to plan an awesome party with his friends. I know that many people deal with much harder stuff so I'm not calling for fiance of the year or anything, but I think it's something.

So why did I do it? Well, honestly, I did it for the same reason I do anything for him. I love him and that means I support him in everything. Even March Madness. Because that's his thing just like any other thing he does in life. It was his thing long before he met me.

Side note: I also find it extremely fantastic to watch Mr. T do something (or experience something) he loves. It seriously gives me the warm fuzzies.

Mr. T supports me in every crazy, silly, off the wall thing I want (or think I need) to do.  A few Saturdays ago we were supposed to have a lazy Saturday, but we ended up wandering Brooklyn looking for a piece of furniture for our kitchen. All because I wanted something to put our canisters on which actually started because of an owl cookie jar. He also obliged me in a trip to Ikea this past weekend which resulted in many projects up until said basketball games started.

The little things are just as important as the big things. And you don't get to pick and choose what's important to your significant other. Something that seems huge to you might be little to them and vice versa. March Madness is a big deal for him. Shopping for furniture is a big deal for me. Either thing might seem stupid to the other person, but so what?

When you love someone, you support them. The things that are important to them should also be important to you. That doesn't mean you have to put your whole life on hold for everything for them. Work together and compromise to make sure everyone's needs are met. And obviously there are limits if something goes against your moral beliefs. But I am not really talking about that stuff anyway.

Be supportive. Support your significant other in what they do and love. Help them achieve everything. Big or small. Whatever it is.