Avoid the Crap: How to Eat Better While on the Road

Mr. T and I hadn't officially started our new, healthier lifestyle when we went on vacation a few weeks ago, but we did know that we didn't want a bunch of gas station snacks, fast food, and crappy stuff to eat during our nine+ hour drive to Georgia. And since we were taking the pups, we also knew eating at a restaurant would have been a tiny bit difficult. So I devised a plan to help us have some tasty treats while en route.

Here are some tips and such to avoid the crap and eat better while on the road.

First things, first, here's what we packed:

  • Breakfast sammies (We made an egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. Then just before we left I warmed them in the microwave.)
  • Homemade hummus (we had one container with hummus and pita chips and one with hummus and veggies)
  • Homemade spinach dip with veggies
  • Mini ham and cheese sandwiches (we made these with Hawaiian rolls, meat, and cheese)
  • Trail mix
  • Water (we filled up a jug from the house and brought our water bottles. Then we just threw ice from the cooler in the water bottles when we wanted cold water)
  • Iced coffee (we bought a jug of the black iced coffee stuff from the store since it was on sale. I brought extra cups with lids and straws. Then I just made the drinks with the coffee and ice from the cooler when we wanted them.)

And here's some tips on how I made it all happen:

Get a cooler

Believe me when I say this, a cooler is your best friend. At first I thought we'd only use it for actual food we were taking to the cabin, but then I realized it opened a huge door to take snacks, lunch, and drinks. This is the exact cooler we bought. 

And holy wow, that baby worked like a charm. We literally still had ice in it two days AFTER arriving at the cabin. We have a small SUV (Equinox) and it fit well in the back with a laundry basket full of food plus some other odds and ends back there. And it kept things cold which was great for us and for the dogs. Man the south is humid in the summer.

Invest in some good plastic dishes

I purchased these.

They had great reviews and they're spill proof which I knew would be something we'd want. They also aren't huge so they don't take up a ton of space. Also, the doubled as containers for leftovers in the cabin and we use them now to pack leftovers/lunches in. So it's totally a win win. Oh, and if one breaks or something you won't be heart broken. There's that too. The only bummer was that the Hawaiian rolls with the meat and cheese didn't fit so we had to take the meat in one and the rolls in another. Other than that they were great.

Prep well beforehand

I started brainstorming a week or so before and thought about all of the other road trips Mr. T and I had been on. I thought about any and everything we might need because I wanted to make sure we were set. The less you have to stop for random things the better. I actually aimed for no stops other than gas and bathroom breaks. We were going to stop and eat, but the stuff we had was super car friendly so we ended up just eating while on the road.

Don't be afraid to over pack a little

Obviously this depends on where you're going, but we ended up having a few too many snacks. It's weird, but it's almost like not stopping made us snack less. It was nice because that meant more for the cabin and I would definitely rather have too much than not enough.

Choose snacks that are portable and that you'll actually want to eat

Pretty sure that's self explanatory.