April Thrift Store Finds

I don't want to totally get all Brooklyn hipster on you or anything, but one of the greatest things about this city/borough/hood/whatever is the fact that there are so many thrift stores. There are three great ones within a couple blocks from me. And one of my favorite things to do is to randomly explore them on a Saturday or Sunday. It's actually something I did a lot when I first moved here (that and raid the 99 cent stores). I was poor so I needed entertainment and there is so much to be had there. I once found a picture of a hologramed (is that a word?) Jesus. You can't find that kind of shit just anywhere people. hologram jesus

It's also some of my favorite memories from dating Mr. T. We'd get up, have brunch and then wander. He's found some amazing things during our trips to the thrift store. Like his cowboy boots and shirt from the 70s. It's what we commonly refer to as his "cowboy going on a job interview outfit." So many good times.

Anyway. The other day we hit up a couple of thrift stores and my love for them was remembered. It's also a good time to get back into them since I'm jobless (read that as I have to be careful of how much cash I am throwing around each month). But, really, you don't have to be short on cash to raid the thrift stores. They're awesome for anyone and everyone. You can find some really cool stuff there.

And to show that, I'm going to start talking about all of my awesome finds (kind of like what I did with my antique store finds post).

Here are my April thrift store finds:

Thrift Store Finds

1. Tons of glass bowls and silver trays.


I've been obsessed with silver trays ever since we started planning for the wedding and I found some great ones at a garage sale. The trays are awesome for food or decor or whatever suits your fancy. I ended up using a bunch of them to put my makeup and such in.

And the glass bowls, well, I don't even know. Some of them will be used for a project later on and some of them are sitting around the apartment. I also broke one, but let's not talk about that. I love to have bowls stashed everywhere -- by the sink, end tables, bed side table, etc. -- that way I can put jewelry, hair things, or whatever in them. They're my version of the junk drawer.

2. A cute little clutch.

Ok, confession. I have 10 million of these that I constantly buy at the thrift store. I have no idea why because I don't get fancy that often. But you never know when you will or when you will just need a little purse. The work awesome in suitcases or carryon bags when you're traveling just sayin'. And it makes me happy so stop judging.

3. Books.

These were actually Mr. T's purchase. He always goes straight to the books.

4. Trivets (which is really just a fancy word for something to put hot stuff on).

I swear I am not this fancy at all. A pot holder does just fine for me. But I saw these and I really liked the pattern. They are kind of 60s-ish which is right up my alley so I really didn't care if I used them. Turns out they've been super useful with tea, so there ya go.

I think I spent around $50 for all this stuff. I need to keep better track and promise I will next time.