Anniversary One (And Why You Don't Always Need A Plan)

Mr. T and I officially made it one whole year you guys. And I guess technically that means we're in our second year of marriage. We kind of had a hard time deciding what to do to celebrate the occasion. Given that we're currently looking at houses and Mr. T is teaching full time (including a four hour commute each day) and working on his dissertation, a weekend get away of some sort just wasn't in the cards for us. Trust me, we really tried to make it work. But we really wanted to do something a little more than just dinner to make the day special. It is anniversary one after all.

So we decided to go antiquing. It's something we'd been talking about doing since we came back to the Midwest.

We found this cute little place on Yelp called the Harbert Antique Mall and there were lots of other fun antique places nearby. It's only about an hour away so after breakfast on Sunday we set out for a fun little road trip.

We found some cool little things at the Antique Mall and then drove down the road and stopped at a couple of others (they were much pricier).

antique store finds in Michigan


The drive was so pretty so we just kept driving and ended up in New Buffalo, Michigan which is a cute little town on the lake. Obviously we had to make a stop at the beach.

the beach in New Buffalo

New Buffalo beach

Then we ended up grabbing a bite at this cute little restaurant called Bentwood Tavern on the marina. We drank martinis and had delicious food (including free dessert).

bentwood tavern dessert bentwood tavern food (2) bentwood tavern food

Then we came home and took a family nap with Brooklyn. We also tried to see the cool moon, but it was too cloudy.

Now, I have to be honest here. I kinda, maybe, sorta had a melt down on Saturday about our anniversary. Things have been kind of hard lately. With Mr. T working and being gone so much, we haven't had a lot of time together. And money has been a little tight. We hadn't really planned anything and I really (I meant r-e-a-l-l-y) wanted our first anniversary to be special. Mr. T is much better at spontaneous than I am. He doesn't need to plan anything in order to have fun and make it feel special. I think things need to be planned. So needless to say I was feeling a little down (and maybe a little dramatic).

But, honestly, not planning was the very thing that made our first anniversary celebration so special. So maybe sometimes you really don't need a plan (and maybe sometimes Mr. T is right).