Sometimes I'm Afraid I'll Make the Wrong Decision

Photo Credit: stannate Once upon a time, when I was a dating blogger, I belonged to a fab group that collaborated with each other. It was the best thing ever. Since switching the focus of my blog (and since most of them went on other things) the group kind of fell apart. But I really missed having that network. It was so awesome to bounce ideas off of one another and feel encouraged (as well as being able to encourage each other). Well, I'm super excited to say that I've found that again! I recently joined a fun little group (click the link to become a part of the group) of gals who blog about some of the same things I do. Each month we're going to post about the same topic. Below my post you'll find links to all of their blogs. Check out what they have to say about this topic (and other topics). There's some great stuff over there on those blogs.

This month we decided to write about our biggest fear.

I kind of toyed around with this for awhile. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am terrified of heights. I mean, I can't even ride a dang escalator without thinking I am going to die. But, honestly, I didn't want to write about that. I wanted to dig deeper into something.

One of my other biggest fears is making the wrong decision. Or, I guess, making a huge mistake. I am not sure what it comes from. Maybe its the perfectionist in me. Maybe it's the cynic. Maybe I just know the bad that can happen. But I'm afraid I'll make the wrong decision.

And it's not about superficial things, like if I choose pizza instead of a salad for dinner. I mean, I should probably think about that more because lord knows I should choose the salad (mmm bacon, cheese, croutons, and ranch. Wait, that's not really a salad). But, in all seriousness, I'm afraid of making the wrong decisions. The big decisions. You know, the ones that could totally change your life.

Moving. Getting married. Taking a new job. Launching a website. Life altering decisions.

If you make the wrong one it could totally f*$% things up.

So it scares me. It's part of what makes me indecisive (and, yes, I am indecisive about the pizza and salad thing too).

I did realize while I was writing this post that even though it scared the bejeezus out of me, I actually think it kind of helps too. It helps me to make more calculated decisions and not just jump into things head first. I mean, I was scared out of my mind to move to NYC and to open my own online store. Hell, I was terrified of changing this blog (though I don't know if that's life altering). And I'd say that's all worked pretty well so far (knock on wood). All of my scariest decisions were some of my greatest. I also thinks it helps me to know what to do when I make a mistake and to (try not to) beat myself up too much about it. I think sometimes I'm able to remember the good decisions I've made and to figure out what went wrong and what I can do next time.

My advice to anyone with this same fear is to confront it head on. Don't hold yourself back just because you're afraid that something might be the wrong decision. It might be, but you (probably) won't die from it. But it might be the best decision in the world.

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