A Picnic in the Park

Love This past weekend was glorious.

I know most people get all excited when it's 70 degrees, but I get excited when it's 50 degrees. I get sad when it's over 65 degrees. Especially when it's April. It seems like NYC goes straight from 5 degrees with ice and snow to 75 degrees and it just makes me want to die. I like it around 55 or so because I can wander Brooklyn, the park, or wherever without becoming a huge sweaty mess. I often compare myself to that really sweaty dude on the bus. You know, the one who has sweat coming from every part of his body and it's soaking through all of his clothes and you just want to give him a towel to help him out? That's what I feel like then it's above 65 and it's not a pretty feeling folks. When it's chilly you can wear a cute sweater and jeans. And, when you start to sweat, there's a cool breeze that cools you off.

But I digress. Let's go back to the glorious weekend. And how we went on a picnic in the park.

Mr. T and I live near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, but we (sadly) do not take advantage of it as much as we should. So this weekend we set out to wander and have a little picnic. It was seriously the most fun we've had in a while and one of my favorite weekends with him to date. That's saying a a lot since it was just a little time in the park. But there's just something about it.

yummy wrap

chips & salsa

We found a lovely little spot in the grass. Away from all of the baseball fields and seven-year-old birthday parties. And we ate the little lunch I packed for us. I just made a few simple things that would be easy to carry and easy to eat:

  • Chips & homemade salsa (I had already made the salsa when we had tacos the previous week. I usually make a big batch so we can feast on it for days.)
  • Wraps made from tortillas, salami, pepperoni and a little lettuce and cabbage for crunch
  • Pasta salad (that I didn't eat. Sorry I'm not sorry).
  • A little trail mix (which was mostly just nuts, chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips)

We also brought some water and a couple of cans of seltzer

It was all very tasty. Especially after the long trek to our spot in the park.

relaxing in the park


looking up

After lunch we just sort of hung out and people watched. We both brought books/work that we could do, but we ended up just chatting and relaxing in the sun for a while. We both ended up getting a sunburn as well. Seriously, who burns in 50 degree weather?!?

flowery trees

Then we walked a little through the park and headed back home. We also maybe stopped for beers and brunch on the way home (our second breakfast and third meal before dinner. Because apparently that's what we do now. Don't judge).

It was a good blend of fun and relaxation and, honestly, made the perfect little afternoon date. I love simple little dates like that. Especially when they aren't totally planned. I feel like amongst all the planning and domestic shit, you just have to have some random fun and feel like you're just dating once in a while.