A Car Accident for Christmas

Wow. And if you saw my post on Instagram on Christmas Eve you know why.

If you didn't, Mr. T and I were in a car accident. Seriously. We got a car accident for Christmas. And I'll be totally dramatic and I don't care because I'm still shaken up by it.

a car accident for christmas We were on our way to pick up Christmas dinner from our favorite restaurant here. We had planned it perfectly. The place closed at 4pm so we ordered ahead of time and said we'd be there at 3:30pm to pick it up. We went to the grocery store to get a few things before and then headed to the restaurant.

We turned the corner to a little country road and as we were coming over a little hill there was a car in our lane. Coming at us. Straight at us. It looked as if maybe they were trying to pass a car.

I still don't remember the details because it all happened so fast.

Mr. T was driving and only had seconds to react. He swerved off the road and I remember thinking for a moment that we might be OK. But then the other car swerved too. They slammed into us. Hard. I can still remember the moment of impact. Brooklyn flew out of my arms and the whole car shook and rattled. And the air bag released.

Once everything stopped moving it was the scariest moment of my life. We smelled something burning. Mr. T's glasses has flown off his face and he couldn't see. He tried to get out of the car, but couldn't. We were both frantic. I was able to open my door so we both climbed out the passenger side.

I was hysterical. I started yelling and crying. Brooklyn was shaking. And Mr. T started yelling to call 911. The guys in the other car seemed freaked (possibly because there was a crazy lady flailing around all over the place). There was another guy in a truck (it was the truck that was in the other lane). He had stopped too. I thought he was involved and that possibly they were all messing around, but later learned that guy was just an innocent bystander who had been thrown into our nightmare. I am so glad that he stopped to help. He even stayed to file a report.

I looked at the side of the car. The side that was hit and I was in shock. There was so much damage. I mean just look at it. And the back tire was blown as well (that would be the source of the burning smell).

Mr. T called 911 and I was still hysterical. I still don't understand how all of this happened.

I called Mama C (it's actually her car that she's been so kind to let us use over the last few months). She was total calm. She said everything would be OK and she was glad we were OK.

I was still hysterical.

Police came. Firemen came. An ambulance came. No one was hurt. But there were so many questions. Both those we were being asked and those in my head.

The driver and passenger of the other car didn't really speak English. But one of them told Mr. T something about looking for a phone.

They gave Mr. T and the driver of the other car a breathalyzer and moments later I saw them handcuffing the driver and put him in the back of the car. At least we think he was the driver. We still aren't totally sure.

The driver of the truck didn't really understand what happened. He said they had plenty of time to get back into the lane.

I started to freak again since our car wasn't driveable. What would we do? My family is hours away and this is Mama C's car. Who would get us back to campus? What would we do? All this in the midst of moving to a new town.

I just remember Mr. T hugging me a lot and telling me it would all be OK. That's how we work. I'm scary. He is calm.

A tow truck came and lifted up Mama C's car. He said he could take us to campus too. I was still crying, but not nearly as hysterical as I had been. Mr. T also texted our insurance agent and he told us what to do. It's funny (but not really) because we just switched car insurance because we bought the house. Though we're the worst first customers ever, it was really nice to have an agent. He told us what to do and even tried calling around to get a rental car. But it was like 6pm on Christmas Eve.

We got in the tow truck and Brooklyn just cuddled up to both of us. On the way back to campus I just kept thinking about how much worse it could have been. We were moments from hitting head on. And, honestly, I don't know if we both would have come out alive.

I also thought about how lucky we were in general. The car hit us so hard and it hit the door. By some sort of miracle Mr. T wasn't hurt at all. We both walked out of there with only a few scrapes and bruises. And Brooklyn is OK too.

While I still stand by the thought that we don't need this right now, I am so thankful, so incredibly grateful, so much of so many emotions that nothing happened to my little family. (I mean, there's really never a good time for an accident.)

It's scary to think how easily life can change in just a moment of time. In an instant our lives could have been changed in a real tragic way.

That day was and always will be a reminder of two things:

I am blessed. I hate that word and when people are all #blessed, but F it, I am. My husband, while not perfect, is the most amazing person. He loves me. He loves us. And he works hard to help build (and keep) this little life of ours. I am lucky to have found him and lucky to have a love like that. And our little pup is the best dog in the world.

Driving is serious business, you guys. Be careful and don't be an idiot. I suspect the driver was drunk, but can't be sure. But even if he was looking for his phone that's still so incredibly stupid. Sorry I'm not sorry because it is. This whole thing could have been prevented. Don't drive drunk. Don't drive distracted. Realize that your choices could potentially affect the lives of others.

pizza hut for christmas dinner We never did get our Christmas dinner, but ended up getting Pizza Hut instead. We're also stuck carless until Monday and then we have to find a way to get to the rental car place. But those are two very minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things.