A Birthday Celebration (And Why Other People Need Control Sometimes)

So, it was my birthday this past Friday. And I really love birthdays. Not just my own birthday, though I am partial to that one in particular. This year was a little crazy. We've got the whole house hunting thing going on, Mr. T's crazy schedule, my upcoming craft fair, and an out of state wedding the weekend of which meant we'd basically be in a car for eight hours on my actual birthday.

I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. It was kind of strange. Being in a place without any friends really and celebrating my birthday. I haven't done that in years. If I've ever even done that.

At first the plan was to do dinner. But, then, at the last minute we decided to spend the day together doing fall things. Things that I've said I've always wanted to do in the fall. That's the thing about living in NYC -- you don't really get a chance to do fun things outside of the city because it's either really annoying to get out of the city or it costs too much.

We started the day with brunch. Well, breakfast. Folks don't really do brunch in these parts. Our usual place was booked up, probably thanks to a Notre Dame game, so we stumbled on a place called the Evil Czech Brewery. They have a brunch buffet. Tapas style. Yep, you read that right. TAPAS! I love tapas because it's the ultimate sharing food.

Then we wandered to Thistleberry Farm for some good fall fun. We drank caramel apple cider (it's the best) and found our way through a corn maze (Mr. T's first ever. How can he call himself a proper Midwesterner without ever having gone through a corn maze?!?). Then we bought some fun things at the store and pumpkins (of course).

Then we came home, carved the pumpkins, lit them, made popcorn with candy, and had a horror movie fest.

And then, on my actual birthday. I opened presents from my mom, ate donuts, and I walked into Mr. T's office to see he had decorated and purchased some yummy goodies from the bakery.

Turns out this whole turning 35 thing was pretty awesome.

The end. Ok. Not really.

I have to confess (of course) a little here because I was a bit of an annoying whiny baby a few days before my birthday.

I'm too much of a planner. Far too good for my own good. And I've had a few birthdays that have been a bit of a bust because it's always a busy time of year for people with Halloween and fall festivities. So honestly, birthdays makes me a little anxious and sad sometimes.

And since we really didn't have a plan, I was really feeling out of sorts. You know, kind of like what happened with our anniversary.

I don't deal well when I'm not in control. I guess I don't think other people have control unless they're planning things for months. Or maybe I don't think people have control unless I'm the one in control (that would be the definition of a control freak, right?).

It's a good thing because sometimes people need someone to control the situation. But the key thing is sometimes. And that's something that I might need to work on a little.

If I don't let Mr. T do his own thing then how can he ever do something nice and surprise me? I mean, let's pray the dude never wants to throw me a surprise party.

And that's really not fair.

Sometimes you need to take the lead and be in control. But sometimes you need to sit back and let other people take control. Because then, who knows? You just might get rewarded with peanut butter cups, pastries, decorations, and a cute little hat to wear on your birthday.