5 Ways I'm Decorating with Twigs


I know I am totally jumping on the bandwagon here, but I'm obsessed with twigs. There's just something about them that gives our home a fun little rustic feel. So, I've been working on incorporating them into our décor in some fun ways. Here are 5 ways I'm decorating with twigs. Side note: I haven't technically done two of them yet, but I maybe plan to, do it totally counts, right?

DIY Twig chandelierMake a chandelier

I made this pretty little thing and hung it over the big window in our living room. I was partially inspired because the previous homeowners had already hung a hook there so I wanted something to hang there. It's super easy to make!

I just used a large branch that I found outside. I chose one that was weirdly shaped, but you could use a straight one. Just make sure it's sturdy.

I took some twine and wrapped it tightly around three different spots on the branch. I recommend hanging it from something while making it to see how it will look once it hangs. It's much easier to get the length and spacing correct.

Then I just hung some cute little candle holders on the ends. I purchased the candle holders from Darby Smart and I've had them forever because I was looking for a cute way to use them. You could hang any sort of candle holders on the bottom or even mason jars. The possibilities are endless.

DIY Twig coaster

Make coasters

Get some twine and make these cute little coasters! I made these out of twigs that I collected from a recent ice storm (it was actually during the time Mr. T and I were staying in the dorm). They're pretty easy and I want to make more. Get the tutorial in issue 6 of Holl & Lane.

twig decor

Put them in a vase or mason jar

This one is super easy. Just go out and grab some sticks you like. Bundle them up and put them in a big mason jar or vase. You can also spray paint them for even more fun.


Make twig letters

I am also pretty obsessed with letters, so I'm not sure if I should actually make this DIY or not. But I found this adorable little project on Pinterest and I think it would be so cute to do letters with twigs. You could do initials or spell out a word or something else that means something to you. I also think they'd make fun little gifts or great rustic décor for a wedding. Again, the possibilities are endless.

Make a message board

The other day I realized how easy it would be to make a message board out of twigs. Just use the tutorial for the chandelier and put some clothespins at the end of the twine rather than candle holders. Boom! Instant and easy message board.