4 Things I Hate Because I Lived In A City For Too Long

Brooklyn ShoesLast week was my one year anniversary of living in the Midwest. I kind of can't believe it. One whole year, you guys. It's  still a little weird to me. That I'm living back here. In this place that I moved away from. Sometimes I miss New York and city living in general. But, I love our home and life here is pretty awesome most of the time.

I really wanted to write a post in honor, but I didn't want to write the same kind of post I always write. You know, something about what I've learned or whatever. But, still, I wanted to write something.

So, in honor of my one year anniversary with the Midwest, I thought I'd share all of the things I realized that I hate because I lived in the city for too long.


Seriously, how do people do it every day? I do one once a week if that and it makes me so angry! I hated the subway, but I loved that I could just close my eyes and not pay attention to anything. That sort of thing is likely frowned upon on the road.


One of the thing that Mr. T and I were most excited about was not having to do dishes. Everyone has a dishwasher in the Midwest, that's just standard. Well, we bought this house and it doesn't have one. And I realized I actually kind of love it. I think dishwashers are gross. They don't wash dishes the way I want them to be washed. And all of that loading and unloading is for the birds.

The dark

In the city, you're never in the dark. Unless there's a black out or you've stumbled on some place really, really bad. In the Midwest, I look out our window and see darkness. And it's creepy as hell. I pictures faces out the window all the time and I hate being alone. I guess that whole dream of owning an old farmhouse is out, don't ya think?

The grass

Holy hell! What lives in the grass? Every time I am outside with my shoes off I feel gross. I try to just sit there with my feet in the cold grass and enjoy a little nature, but I feel like there's stuff just waiting to eat all of my flesh off. It's terrifying. In NYC, I barely even wore sandals because it's so dirty so my feet aren't used to all of this exposure, y'all.