12 Days of Christmas DIY: Tasty Christmas Candy Treats

I'm so sorry for missing the past couple of days, you guys! Incredibly sorry. I should have planned so many things so much better. Mr. T and I are in the middle of the most chaotic move of our lives. Which actually involves us spending some time in a "dorm" room. I will share all the details later (pinky promise), but, for now, let's get back to counting down the Christmas with some fun little DIY ideas. And on the sixth Day of Christmas I'm giving you ideas for some tasty Christmas candy treats.

Ok. So maybe these aren't all technically candy. But when it comes to treats, who's going to argue as long as they're yummy? Here are all of the treats I want to eat (and am going to try to talk Mr. T into making) this year.

bite sized party bark

Party bark

It's shaped like stars! Though you could easily do other shapes or no shapes at all.

Get the tutorial here.

chocolate covered strawberry trees

Chocolate covered strawberry Christmas trees

Technically I hate strawberries so I don't want to eat these. But they are so damn cute!

Get the tutorial here.

peppermint candy gift spoons

Peppermint candy spoons

I actually kind of want these all year round. I saw them last year and thought they looked so tasty and fun. They'd also go great in a little hot chocolate kit as a gift to someone. Just sayin'.

Get the tutorial here.

homemade toffee

Homemade toffee

I'm imagining this with coffee or cocoa or over ice cream. And now I want it.

Get the tutorial here.

chocolate mint christmas dream

Chocolate mint Christmas dream

Umm, it's chocolate mint and the words Christmas dream are in the title. So, yeah, it's got all kinds of Christmas joy and cheer.

Get the tutorial here.

Also check out the goodies I made last year.