12 Days of Christmas DIY - Budget Décor

And on the fifth Day of Christmas I'm giving you ideas for some budget décor. My first official Christmas (that is, the Christmas where we did the whole tree and décor thing together) was totally on a budget. Not only had he just moved in, but we had nothing. I mean, nothing. No tree. No ornaments. No décor. I had tossed most of my stuff when I moved to NYC. We also were hosting Thanksgiving and had to come back to the Midwest for the actual holiday. Needless to say, we didn't have a lot of money to splurge on décor. But we definitely did well. We stocked ourselves with things from the $1 section at Target and the 99 cent store (score). Here are some other creative ideas.

icicle branches

Icicle branches

You can omit the smell if you like. Put these babies in vases or on your table. Really anywhere that you want to create a winter wonderland.

Get the tutorial here.

duster garland

Use dusters for garland or make a wreath

I'm not usually into gussy, but there's just something about this. It's gorgeous.

Get the tutorial here.

snow village

Make a snow village out of those little houses

I am so doing this. I painted a house for my mom last year and discovered that mod podge and glitter make for some great snow. I wanted to paint everything with it (and, trust me, I tried).

Get the tutorial here.

wine glass diorama

Make a wine glass diorama

You could also do this using a huge hurricane vase. You can put it upside down or right side up and put everything inside. So pretty.

Get the tutorial here.

homemade window stickers

Make your own window stickers

This is for kids, but I believe that adults can most definitely do it too.

Get the tutorial here.

Other ideas that I don't have pretty pictures of (but that are totally easy and cheap or, you know, cost effective.)

Wrap gifts early

Buy lots of plain white candles and paint them with glitter or snow.

Buy a chalk board and write the lyrics to Christmas carols on it