12 Days of Christmas DIY: Presents

And on the ninth day, I'm giving you ideas for some awesome DIY presents. Like any crafty gal and DIYer I believe that the best gifts are homemade. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy shopping some too. But there is just something about giving someone a special, homemade gift that you personalized just for them. I was actually happy that this year I was able to incorporate some crafts into my gift list. Here are some ideas. Also note that almost all of these would make excellent host or hostess gifts as well.

Darby Smart kits

I know I mention them on almost every single day of this series, but Darby Smart has some amazingly cute things that you can make. They have jewelry and things for the home. Little knick knacks and all kinds of fun things. And, as a bonus, if you know someone who is crafty, you could give them an actual kit as a gift or a monthly subscription box.


Wooden pictures

Sentimental homemade presents are the best and photos always fit in that category. Instead of just putting a photo in a frame, opt for this wooden picture idea. I am actually thinking of trying it for myself after the holidays.


Cookie cutter candles

I am dying over the adorableness of these. Seriously. They would make great gifts or stocking stuffers. You could even put a few on a present as part of the wrapping decor.


Bottle cap art or magnets

When Mr. T and I first started looking at ideas for the wedding we became obsessed with all of the things you can do with bottle caps. From jewelry to art to magnets to candles. You can do almost anything with them. So far I've only made the art and I can tell you it's so easy. All you have to do is bang out the bottle caps so they're flat (we used a hammer) then glue to whatever surface you're using (I used tacky glue). I made an awesome canvas art for Mr. T and also letters for the wedding.

Here's how to make the magnets if you'd like.


Homemade soaps & scrubs

Soaps and scrubs are great gifts. Not only are they fun to use and smell great, but they also can add to bathroom decor. I make a basic scrub with olive oil and brown sugar, but I am not sure how that would hold up as a gift. Here are some more elaborate (but still easy ideas).

Peppermint scrub

Poppyseed citrus soap bars 

Gingerbread sugar scrub 


Snow globes

I used to love buying my mom snow globes for Christmas. I am not sure what happened to that, but she still has them and puts them out every year. So imagine my excitement when I saw this tutorial on how to make your own. It looks really easy and inexpensive and uses mason jars (my fave!). I seriously regret that I didn't make these this year.

You can of course use any of the Christmas DIY ideas that I've already mentioned. People love booze, ornaments, and goodies as gifts too!