101 excuses to party.png

Here at Chaotic & Collected, we believe every occasion is a reason to party. And our mission is to make sure the whole world believes it too.

So we’ve taken the liberty of thinking of 101 excuses to party. It’s true. 101. We really did it. Don’t believe us? We’ve listed them below.

Let’s Party.

  1. It's your/ your friend's/ your sister's/ your mom's/ basically anyone you know birthday

  2. You're having brunch

  3. It's New Years

  4. It's Christmas

  5. It's Valentine's Day

  6. It's Easter

  7. It's St. Patrick's Day

  8. It's Memorial Day

  9. It's Mother's Day

  10. It's Father's Day

  11. It's the 4th of July

  12. It's back to school time

  13. It's Labor Day

  14. It's finally fall/spring/winter/summer

  15. It's Halloween

  16. It's Thanksgiving

  17. You're eating pizza

  18. You had a good day

  19. You had a bad day

  20. You put on pants today

  21. Your BFF/sister/cousin/you are having a baby

  22. Your BFF/sister/cousin/you had a baby

  23. You bought a new house

  24. It's Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday

  25. You cut your hair

  26. You ran a marathon

  27. You beat your spouse 10 times in a row at Mario Kart

  28. You're cancer free

  29. You cleaned the house

  30. You're having taco night

  31. You found a new job

  32. You're moving to a new city/state

  33. You're/ your sister/ your friend/ your mom/anyone you know is graduating high school/college

  34. You reached a goal

  35. You got engaged

  36. You got married

  37. The temperature is above 70

  38. You baked a cake

  39. You bought a dog

  40. You finished your PhD

  41. You washed your hair

  42. You had a promotion at work

  43. You did yard work

  44. You went to the dentist

  45. It's your dog’s/fish’s/cat's birthday

  46. You bought a new car

  47. You bought a new couch

  48. You got your driver's license

  49. You passed the bar

  50. You passed the GRE

  51. It's the Bachelor/Bachelorette premiere

  52. It's the Game of Thrones premiere

  53. It's donut day

  54. It's margarita day

  55. It's spring break

  56. It's Christmas break

  57. You got a book deal

  58. You sold a house

  59. You adopted a child

  60. It's movie night

  61. It's your anniversary

  62. You had a date

  63. You bought a vacation home

  64. You made waffles

  65. You have a snow day

  66. Your favorite TV show/movie is back on Netflix (or Hulu)

  67. You nailed it (whatever it may be)

  68. You worked out

  69. FedEx finally delivered your package

  70. You cooked a meal

  71. It's March Madness

  72. It's the Super Bowl

  73. It's finally college football season

  74. Your college team made a bowl game

  75. You found the perfect shade of lipstick

  76. Your favorite shirt comes in a new color

  77. You finally found the perfect jeans

  78. You lifed so hard

  79. You cleaned out your inbox

  80. You cleaned out your closet

  81. You organized your sock drawer

  82. You finally set the clock on your coffee pot

  83. You learned how to fold a fitted sheet

  84. You have a day off

  85. You finally beat that boss in that video game

  86. You filed your taxes

  87. You found a restaurant that serves tater tots

  88. Your favorite ice cream is BOGO

  89. That one store you really love is having a huge sale

  90. Your idol/hero likes your picture on Instagram

  91. You started a blog

  92. You started a biz

  93. You won that sports tournament

  94. You finally took that huge pile of recycling

  95. You bought your first car

  96. You're finally divorced

  97. Because you want to

  98. Your team won a game

  99. You found out they're making a 3rd Bill & Ted's (or insert movie here)

  100. Your bestie is in town

  101. Your favorite band has a new album