We totally do custom orders!


In fact, we think they're the bees knees. Whether it's your wedding. a friend's bachelorette party, your daughter's birthday party. a holiday fave, something to spruce up your office cubicle, or just something to make you do a lil' happy dance when you walk through the door, we can totally help you out. We've done simple things like changing the color or size of a dino and hard stuff like taking a logo and turning it into a fab garland. We'll attempt (almost) anything.

Prices vary based on style, items requested, materials used, and difficulty of the project. 

See some of our work

Indy Urban Flea.jpg

Indy Urban Flea

Pina Colada Birthday

Wedding in Brooklyn, NY


Owl Love You Forever Baby Shower

Two Fast Two Furious Birthday

Brand Banner for Hudson Lillian Designs

Dino Birthday Garland

Cubicle Decor

Dog Birthday