I've seen a few other bloggers do their bios in a Q & A style and it really inspired me. And, well, a regular bio just isn't that much fun, now is it? Though technically I do have one of those too over here. Here are 20 random facts about me.

  1. I always thought I'd be a city gal. I lived in Indianapolis, Chicago, then Brooklyn (where I met my husband whom I refer to as Mr. T in this blog). Now I live in a little town in a little town in Indiana called Rensselaer. We moved here in 2016 because Mr. T landed an awesome job.
  2. I started blogging in 2009. On a whim. I was a single gal who had a whole lot of crazy dating stories to share. I pitched my idea to a website called ChicagoNow and my first dating blog, All the Single Ladies was born. My claim to fame was beating out Beyonce for the #1 spot on Google.
  3. I have 11 tattoos. Should I name them all?
  4. I never thought I'd get married. And I didn't want a wedding. Apparently life called bull s#@t on both those things.
  5. I met my husband, Mr. T, on OkCupid. He found me by searching beer. And that's literally the reason why. I wasn't in his area of choice and I wasn't the typical gal he went for. He also almost didn't like me because I giggled too much on our first date.
  6. I am terrified of birds, lakes, and staying anywhere that isn't well lit.So nature isn't my fave place to be. Ever.
  7. I quit my job in 2015 to pursue my dreams. Now I write, craft, and take care of our home (and our lil' pup, Brooklyn). I love what I do, but some days it's pretty terrifying.
  8. I love pasta sauce, salsa, and really any kind of cooked tomato, but I hate raw ones.Seriously, they're gross (and I even wrote a post about it).
  9. I prefer old-fashioned notebooks, planners, to-do lists, etc. to digital stuff.
  10. I love the fall though I don't understand the obsession with pumpkin spice everything. And I hate the summer.
  11. If I could eat pizza and nachos all day every day, I would. And I've tried.
  12. I am obsessed with coffee mugs. I mean o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d. We have a whole cabinet full and only use about 20% of them. I have cut myself off from buying anymore several times (so has Mr. T), but every time we are somewhere I always find 994 more to buy.
  13. I would rather shop for home décor than clothes or shoes. It makes my heart happy.
  14. I have only read (maybe) four books, cover to cover. I have no idea why. I always start books, but never finish them.
  15. I have a BA in Sociology. And I once thought I'd go to grad school and teach college. Now I'm married to a professor.
  16. I once wanted to be an elementary school teacher and I taught preschool for about five years.
  17. My favorite part about cleaning is being able to move everything around. I love to move around kick knacks and furniture and really anything that isn't nailed to the wall.
  18. I dated online for nearly a decade before I met Mr. T. Like, before it was even cool.
  19. I never go to bed without checking all of the doors to make sure they're locked. I often ask Mr. T if he checked too.
  20. I pumped gas in April 2016. Ok, that sounds weird. But it was the first time in about five years or so. And this is the first time I've had my own car in NINE years.